Pinky and The Brain: The Master Plan Credits

Conspiracy Entertainment Corp.

Executive ProducerDaniel Jevons
PresidentSirus Ahmadi
VP of PublishingPeter Bergström
Director of MarketingVince Matthews
Director of PRVince Matthews
Director of Creative ServicesRichard Germinaro
Assistant Graphics DesignerSaundra Vo
Assistant ProducerChristian Campo
Special ThanksDave Hoffman, Keith Tanaka, Danny Kolker

Warthog Corp.

Lead ProgrammerTim Coupe
Additional ProgrammingAndy Whyte
Lead ArtistBrian J. Flanagan
ArtistsJonathan Webb, Richard Heasman
Lead DesignerStrangely Brown
DesignImran Sarwar
Audio ManagerSemi Precious
SFXJohn Spencer
QA ManagerTimothy Welch
Lead TesterDave Mervik
Additional TesterRyan Wooldridge
ProducerTim Coupe
VP ArtNick Elms
VP DesignPhil Gaskell
VP Mobile and HandheldTim Coupe
VP ProductionTim Heaton
VP TechnologyPaul Hughes

Swing! [email protected] Media AG

VP of DevelopmentThomas Brockhage
ProducerNorbert Wellmeyer
Int. Publishing CoordinatorThorsten Neumann
TranslationElo Interactive GmbH
QASven Paronz-Boschian, Torsten Allard, Michael Schievenbusch
Lead TesterFernando Antunes Duarte

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

ProducerAmes Kirshen
Executive ProducerBrett Skogen
ManagerScott Johnson
Marketing CoordinatorJim Molinaro
WB Special ThanksMichael Harkavy, Barbara Ritchie, Charles Carney, Allen Helbig, Peter Tumminello, Heidi Behrendt, Jason Ades

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Credits for this game were contributed by evilknievel (694) and formercontrib (159783)