Pinky and The Brain: The Master Plan Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen/Main Menu
Intro: While pondering what to do one night, Pinky and Brain overheard something on the news...
Intro: Which gave Brain another brilliant plan to take over the world!
Intro: At the same time, a pair of lab rats has similar ideas
Intro: And they went and stole Brain's plans to use as their own!
Starting level 1: A blueprint level
Slide down and hit enemies
Collect letters in each level spelling out "PINKY" and "BRAIN" to play the picture-jumble game
Pushing a box to reach the higher area
Swinging around
When Brain eats the green cheese, his head will swell up and float him and Pinky in the air
When Pinky eats the green cheese, he'll be super strong and can break through barriers
Completed level one!
Game Map
Collect pieces of the Master Plan Doofus and Roofus dropped. Every 99 collected will allow you to play the Match-a-Roo game
At the end of a level, you will be given a password to use to continue the game later on.
In the submarine - this is a shooting level
"We must dance"
And so it goes..
Forest level