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Pitfall: The Lost Expedition Credits

Torus Games

ProducerMichael Solomons
Game DesignerCraig Duturbure
Lead ProgrammerDaniel Collins
Lead ArtistAndrew McIntosh
Art DirectorMarcus Mestrov
Lead TesterDavid L. McIntosh
Programming TeamMichael Abbott, David Gaunt, Brian Hollister, Michael James Smith, Steve White
Art TeamDamien Holder, Teuvo Heikkila, Reuben Jones, Ivan Kenny-Sumiga, Paul Robertson
SoundJames Langford
MusicJames Langford
Level DesignersCraig Duturbure, Alex Hutchinson, Harry Ravenswood, Van Ricketts
Quality AssuranceJonathon Bink, Jeremy Delrossi, Dale Pearce, Brian Uniacke, John Weaver
Special ThanksTorus Games Management Team, Torus Games System Engineering, Maya Alexandra, Kate Dawson, Kathryn Duckham, Lisa Hinds, Lisa Jones, Sarah Kewming, Jamie Peters, Sarah Bee Roberts, Torus Games Admin Team


ProducerBrian Pass
Associate ProducerKen Fox
Production CoordinatorNick Falzon
Senior ProducerChris Hewish
VP, North American StudiosMurali Tegulapalle
Exec. VP, Worldwide StudiosLawrence Goldberg
Global Brand ManagerJenny Stornetta
Associate Brand ManagerJennifer Daniels
Director, Global Brand ManagementRachel Silverstein
Vice President, Global Brand ManagementLisa Gaudio
PublicistAsif Husain
Manager, Corporate CommunicationsRyh-Ming C. Poon
Director, Business and Legal AffairsGregory Deutsch
ParalegalDavid Kay
VP, Creative Services and OperationsDenise Walsh
Marketing Creative DirectorMatthew Stainner
Creative Services ManagerJill Barry
Creative Services Assistant ManagerShelby Yates
Manual Written ByBenjamin DeGuzman

Activision Quality Assurance / Customer Support

Project LeadNicholas E. Weaver
Senior Project LeadJason Potter
QA ManagerJoseph Favazza
Floor LeadLee Cheramie
TestersJason Jackson, Charles Moore, Hugh Bach, Keefe Kwan, Angelo Lopipero, Taylor Livingston
Manager, Technical Requirements GroupMarilena Morini
Lead, Technical Requirements GroupSiĆ“n Rodriguez y Gibson
Testers, Technical Requirements GroupAaron Camacho, Robert Lara, Marc Villanueva
Sr. Manager, Customer SupportBob McPherson
Phone Support LeadGary Bolduc
E‑Mail Support LeadMichael Hill
QA/CS Special ThanksJim Summers, Jason Wong, Tim Vanlaw, Adam Hartsfield, Nadine Theuzillot, Edward Clune, Indra Yee, Marco Scataglini, Todd Komesu, Willie Bolton, Chad Siedhoff, Jennifer Vitiello, Nicholas Favazza, Mike Rixford, Tyler Rivers, Robert Weaver, George Thalwitzer, Michelle Marshall, Billy Whaley, Charis Patton, Star Barboza, Mystee D. Yifler
Activision Special ThanksIsmael Garcia, Michael A. Marzola, Kathy Vrabeck, Shawn Capistrano, Ryan Rucinski, Andre Kinniebrew, Steve Rosenthal, Blaine Christine, Chris Archer, Marc Turndorf, Gene Bahng, Brian Clarke, Todd Quincey Jefferson, Neven Dravinski, Edge of Reality, Peter Muravez, Juan Valdes, Jeff Poffenbarger, Ryan Pass, Taylor Pass, Matthew J. Powers, Casey Keefe, Kelly Byrd, Melissa Webster, Chris Langlois
Package and Manual DesignIgnited Minds LLC

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159958) and Alex_No_Really (258)