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What Yellow and Crystal were for previous games, now for Ruby and Sapphire. Rensch (218) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall User Score (22 votes) 3.9

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Die Pokémon kehren zurück - und zwar in ganz großem Stil!
N-Zone (Dec 13, 2004)
Aus reiner Neugier habe ich mich mit den ersten Pokémon-Spielen beschäftigt, hätte aber nie gedacht, dass ich mich erneut mit dem Pokémon-Virus infizieren könnte. Weit gefehlt! Obwohl Nintendo mit Emerald mal wieder den Weg einer leicht veränderten Edition geht, machen die Neuerungen den Titel auch für Pokémon-Veteranen sehr spielenswert. Der dem Spiel beigelegte Wireless-Adapter sorgt für zusätzlichen Spielspaß mit mehreren Spielern, Chatten inklusive. Aufgrund der japanischen Sprache bleibt ein großer Teil der Story zwar im Dunkeln, nach kurzer Eingewöhnungszeit findet man sich aber schnell in den Menüs zurecht. Pokémon-Fans, die nicht bis Anfang 2005 warten wollen - denn dann erscheint Emerald auch hierzulande -, kommen um einen Besuch bei ihrem Importhändler nicht herum.Für Pokémon-Fans ein absolutes Muss, Neueinsteiger sind mit der deutschen Fassung von Rubin & Saphir besser beraten.
Games Master (Dec, 2005)
If you've already played through either one of them (Ruby & Sapphire), then our advice is to treat Emerald like a Jehovah's Witness and pretend to be out, because the bonus bits are terribly flimsy on their own. They include extra battle animations, more frequent two-on-two battles, rearranged gyms and, um; a bloke called Scott - that's mostly it for much of the game. A far more substantial new addition is the Battle Frontier - a mighty island overflowing with uniquely set-up challenges - but you get that after wading through the lengthy main quest, so it hardly seems worth it. However, if you've never met Ruby or Sapphire before, then by all means invite Emerald into your kitchen for some tea and biscuits. Because it's a brilliant, fantastic, stupendous adventure - enormously compulsive, cunningly designed, frequently amusing and wonderfully balanced, not to mention stashed with secrets and side-quests.
Armchair Empire, The (Jun 06, 2005)
I know I didn’t play Pokémon games for the simple fact it looked so kiddie-oriented and sweet I’d wind up being sick. Now I’m going back to play the other iterations. Don’t be fooled as I was – Pokémon Emerald is a great strategy RPG.
GameSpy (May 03, 2005)
If you've never played a Pokémon game before but have always wanted to try it, this is the version to get. It's a long, involved adventure with plenty of side quests to partake in. You might also want to check it out if you've haven't played any of the more recent versions -- you'll be pleasantly surprised by the various improvements to the formula. Ruby and Sapphire veterans will probably want to pass on this one, though, lest déjà vu set in
IGN (May 03, 2005)
Yes, I'm not quite as enthusiastic for Pokemon Emerald. But I just can't ignore that the game's entire design is based on a stunningly great role-playing game with an amazing amount of depth. And at the very least, Pokemon Emerald is the game to get if you have yet to put down the funds for a GBA Pokemon game. You'll just have to find yourself a spare Wireless Adapter to get everything out of this version.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 22, 2005)
Once upon a time, handheld gaming wasn’t popular. When compared with the awesome games on the various consoles, many portable games lacked the kind of appeal that would drive legions of prospective gamers to play them. How could Super Mario Land ever compete with Super Mario World? Who cared about Link’s Awakening when Link to the Past was considered the greatest thing to ever happen to the SNES? Did everyone just forget about Metroid II when Super Metroid reared its head? But in the ever increasingly dismal prospects, a ray of hope shined forth, illuminating the future of handheld gaming and ensuring its success for years to come. Since its debut in 1998, the Pokemon series has revamped portable gaming with its incredibly addictive gameplay, creating a fanbase that spanned across the globe. Thankfully, Pokemon Emerald continues to carry the torch of its predecessors, treating the gaming world to an experience that so many enjoy.
79 (Oct 17, 2005)
Pierde mucha frescura al ser una expansión de Rubí/Zafiro, pese a las novedades no deja de parecer más de lo mismo.
As a fan of the franchise and its unquestionably addictive gameplay, I appreciate how Game Freak has upped the difficulty level and cut to the proverbial chase with action that kicks in fast and doesn't let up. But, as is the unfortunate case for every Pokemon game, this is more of the same. There simply aren't any changes that make this a must-buy.
Meristation (Oct 18, 2005)
No obstante, si no existiera el precedente de las anteriores entregas para Game Boy Advance, este título por separado si tiene suficientes diferencias con respecto a lo que pudimos ver en Game Boy y Color y se trataría de un muy buen juego con muchas horas de diversión.
GameSpot (May 04, 2005)
Players who have already soaked up everything Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire have to offer will probably appreciate the largely subtle changes Emerald makes, thanks to the "gotta catch 'em all" mentality bred by the series, though it's unlikely to do a satisfactory job of scratching the itch for an all-new Pokémon adventure. Still, despite being made mostly of recycled parts, Emerald proves that the Pokémon formula still works. As a result, it remains an enjoyably light RPG experience.
75 (Oct 21, 2005)
Reprenant une nouvelle fois le chemin des hautes sphères vidéoludiques sur GBA, la série Pokémon se pare aujourd'hui d'une belle couleur Emeraude, donnant à son éclat des reflets attirants. Relativement joli, immensément profond et surtout particulièrement attachant, le titre de Nintendo agit comme une petite voix invitant le joueur à se replonger sans cesse dans le monde de Hoenn. Un appel à l'aventure de grande qualité, certes, mais qui apparaît tout de même comme un remaniement assez peu inspiré des versions Rubis et Saphir. Néanmoins, nul doute que vous vous laisserez encore tenter par la parade nuptiale du Poussifeu.
Gamer 2.0 (May 03, 2005)
However, if you're a diehard fan of the series, there's nothing truly wrong with this game. It has depth, the story is pretty good this second time around, and it has everything any collecting enthusiast would want. Of course, if you've never played a Pokemon game before, you can start here (but it's best to start with FireRed or LeafGreen). However way you look at it, the verdict stays the same; Pokemon Emerald is just another rehash.
Legendra (Nov 12, 2007)
On a, cette fois, droit à quelques bonus digne d'intérêt, même si on aurait aimé un jeu tout de même différent dans son déroulement, enfin ils ont raison après tout ça marche donc on exploite... Enfin si vous n'avez jamais joué à Pokémon cette version est de loin la meilleure et la plus complète (à part les nouvelles Diamant et Perle). Quand à moi j'en ai fini avec Pokémon je vous retrouve donc pour plein d'autres tests différents, en espérant que ces reviews vous ont permis de connaitre cette grande saga un peu mieux!
Nintendo Life (Oct 02, 2010)
Reviewing a game like Pokémon Emerald retrospectively opens up a whole can of Wurmples. Time has a tendency to show things in a different light and unlike time, the Pokémon franchise has almost been standing still, trapped somewhere in 1996 constantly reliving its glory days. This is both good and bad news, as the games are always well made, solid good fun and ever so slightly addictive, but it also means that the mechanics haven’t moved with the times and feel archaic by modern standards. Emerald bears the brunt of this backlash, being just too similar to Ruby and Sapphire to feel like a must-have entry in the series. Although it may not be the jewel in the franchise's crown, Emerald still has some sparkle, while the series as a whole could do with a thorough polish to make it gleam again.
Gameplanet (Jun 10, 2005)
If you have played any of the Game Boy Advance Pokemon titles you have pretty much played this one. A couple of new features help make the game a little different but in the end it still feels like Pokemon 1 and a half.
Overall, Pokemon Emerald doesn't do much to improve on its already-successful foundation, but the house that was already built is big enough to fit older fans. Still, I would advise that if you haven't seen all that this legacy has to offer, Emerald is a good place to start.
Gamekult (Oct 20, 2005)
Avec une difficulté légèrement revue à la hausse et des combats en 2 contre 2 plus nombreux, Pokémon Emeraude frise une fois de plus l'excellence avec un nouveau titre exempt de défauts et calibré à la perfection. Mais le petit goût de réchauffé à un déroulement plus ou moins sans surprises pourra en lasser plus d'un. Si par contre, vous n'avez jamais joué à Rubis-Saphir, autant les zapper et passer directement à celui-ci, plus complet et mieux réglé.
1UP (Apr 29, 2005)
Ultimately, it's a difficult thing to judge. Pokemon Emerald is one of the most complete, involved, and rich RPGs -- from a gameplay standpoint -- on the GBA. But from another perspective, it's one of the most basic and cynical products on the market. Nintendo's mantras of simplicity and repetition are a blessing and a curse to the Pokemon franchise. It's easy to pick up and understand but surprisingly deep, and that wins it a place next to titans like Zelda and Dragon Quest in the pantheon of tried-and-true, streamlined Japanese game design. But the marketing machine that backs up this unassuming game is a fearsome one, and that must temper my praise. Enjoy the game, but know that by doing so you're contributing to the spate of reheated leftovers that are choking the videogame market we now live in.
66 (Jul 13, 2005)
Ja, es ist kein neues Pokemon Spiel, aber durch die kleinen Neuerungen und Veränderung auch in der Storyline gewinnt Pokemon Emerald ein paar Bonuspunkte, die es für den harteingesessenen Fan unentbehrlich machen.
Diehard GameFan (May 06, 2005)
The worst of the Remixed games, Pokemon Emerald merely brings back all the things that were left out of Ruby and Sapphire for god knows what reasons. There’s not enough change in the game to warrant a purchase if you already own R or S, however if you’ve never played either, you should pick it up, especially in conjunction with either Pokemon Coliseum or Fire Red/Leaf Green. But if you’re looking for something innovative or original from the Pokemon gang, this is NOT the game you are looking for. Please Game Freak, anything else but the same old, same old for Diamond and Pearl. We’re begging you.
60 (UK) (Aug 01, 2005)
It just would be nice for Nintendo and Game Freak to supply the other demand next time: the demand of something actually more different, or at least palpably new, for our hard earned. Let the pitchfork laden debate begin.