Pokémon Emerald Version Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Beginning of the game. We just moved into this new town.
Choosing Your First Pokémon
Healing up at the Pokémon Center
Pokémon Battle
Pokemon Info
Bag, showing key items you can use
Pokemon Navigator showing the Hoenn map
Trainer Card, showing game progress
Pokedex entry
Where's Hobbes, I wonder?...
An exciting evolution animation
Pokemon battle. Fight fur with fire!
The "woosh" animation that shows up before a trainer battle
One of the two villainous Teams
A double battle
Splashing through the puddles.
Facing a Gym Leader
Pokemon storage system
We can add encountered people to call them on the phone. We can also see their profiles.
Confusion can be dangerous in battle
Be mindful of the weather
One of the more distant towns
Closeup on the map
People keep calling us with useless gossip
Decorating our room
Relaxing on the lake, surfing on a Pokemon.
Summoning a flying Pokemon to travel instantly from town to town.
Safari Zone
A "secret base" you can furnish
Your Trainer Card gets modified in the post-game Battle Frontier area
Battle Frontier map
In the Battle Frontier
Battle Tower: A two-on-two battle
Battle Dome: Match recap
Battle Dome: The tournament bracket
Battle Dome: Contestant profile
Battle Dome: Tournament victory
Battle Arena: If a battle is not finished in three turns, the Pokemon are rated by the referee in three categories to pick the winner
Battle Factory: Choose a rental Pokemon to use in battles