Pokémon Ruby Version Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Pokemon Ruby
Welcome to the world of Pokémon!
Choose a boy or girl to play as
The new dual battle mode
You need to save The Professor at the start of the game
Another dual battle
There are still single battles
The character you don't choose at the start is your rival.
Gambling using the slot machine
Tree houses?
New tall grass ... you disappear from sight (mostly) in this grass
The new Pokemon Navigator
This is where you are this time around
Change your pokemon's conditions using PokeBlocks so you can compete better
You can now easily see what trainers want to battle you again
Earn ribbons by competing in non-combat contests
The Pokedex has never looked better
Some attraction in upper floor PokemonCenter
In shop.
Tips from people are obvious
Basic battle
Your rival, son on profesor...
Mudkip vs Treecko
Standard in Pokemon Series - Pokemon Lab
Your Mum
Catch them all!
Select pokemon to battle
Zigzagoon vs Poochyena
Use items