Written by  :  Rensch (218)
Written on  :  May 20, 2004
Rating  :  3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars
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Pokémon on the GBA! What could possibly go wrong!

The Good

It takes very long to complete! The main quest is easy and can be completed in 10-15 hours or so. The side-quests, however, will keep you entertained for weeks! Collecting all the critters, defeat all the contests (new feature) and defeat every single trainer will take weeks. Also because you need to link with Ruby, Fire Red and Leaf Green to catch 'em all! There are some cool new things such as 135 new pokémon (There are about 200 in Ruby and Sapphire but the rest is old and most cannot be caught without linking to the newer Fire Red and Leaf Green which will make altogether more than 380 pokémon! YAY!), instead of the cool day night effects in gold, silver and crystal, there are now weather effects that are perhaps even cooler. There are also the contests in which you can have your pokémon rated on coolness, beauty and more. Not very useful but it is fun. Off course there are some new items and you can make candy out off berries to make your pokemon happier and make them tougher in contests. Also you can make your own secret base which is just fun but not very important. You can buy furniture, at and more for it. Finally, for the best and most important, there are the double battles which makes 2 pokemon together take on 2 others. This makes cleverly use off the GBA's four player capabilities using a link cable for more multiplayer challenges. You can also send records to your friends and battle them in their secret base. The gameplay is just good and simple. Graphics are by far no Golden Sun or something like that but they are simple and clear an also very colorful. We can't blame the guys at Gamefreak for that because this game is so full of other neat stuff and the special effects are also looking fine. The replay value is as you can see here amazingly high.

The Bad

Not much. Only that you couldn't catch all the pokémon when it was first released but this is solved because of the Fire Red and Leaf Green versions and Pokémon Collosseum on the NGC which can all link with this game (and Ruby also off course).

The Bottom Line

Buy this! Super addictive! One of the greatest RPG's there are on the GBA! Another gem of Nintendo! I love this one just as every other pokémon game around. Both newbies ass well as veterans of the series will love this! It deserves the title of best selling GB series! If I have to rate this I'd give it a big fat 9.