Prehistorik Man Credits


Project ManagerFrançois Maingaud
ProgrammerFrançois Maingaud
ProducerRenaud Yong
Map GraphicsFrancis Fournier
BackgroundsFrancis Fournier, Paul Tumelaire, Jean-Christophe Alessandri
SpritesJean-Christophe Alessandri
Boss GraphicsPaul Tumelaire, Didier Carrère
Additional GraphicsSotheara Khem, Frank Demoliere, Yannick Bacheland
QA ManagerThomas Baillet
Lead TestersEmmanuel Faria ('Crycat'), Frédéric Lasseret ('Okario')
QA, Localization TestersSandro Hoffmann ('Didi'), Martin Martinez ('Dad')
Special Thanks toRob Stevens, Jean-Benoît Silvestre

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65445)