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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen (European version).
The menu screen gives you 3 simple options.
Introduction scene - a pretty girl sleeps deeply...
Reach the opposite side hanging yourself and turning forward. It's easy!
Remember: this dagger is your life!
Jump to hit some flying enemies...
Use a curtain helps you to reach high platforms.
Sometimes, you will need to push heavy objects to gain height.
To pass in short spaces, use the roll technique. It's your unique option!
Farah will help the Prince later. Just wait to play with her!
This is the first boss of the game. And it hates princes!
Save your game in this place. You recover all your energy meter too!
The rewind function can save you from many Game Overs. Use wisely!
You can retrieve a lot of sand time standing close in certain enemies...
This scroll gives you extra skills. Don't forget to catch'em all!
The Game Over screen. Not so pleasant...
How defeat this stone old-dude? It is the witchcraft against the wizard...
You can collect some items ONLY using the rewind function. Back to the past!
This colored balls not are a simple wall decoration...
Pulling the wind? In this strange bug, it's possible!
Use your double jump to avoid these saws.
Certain pillars are slippery. Then, look out!
Defeat this "little" pet or it will be a problem for you!
Restore in peace...
This fountain restores your energy meter.
Elders drawn in the wall and one sacred item...
Later, you will be able to walk in the ledges.
Training with the dagger: this helps to keep the target OK...
Use your partner as propulsion weight and jump high to reach upper platforms!
The Prince is only 2 steps to death...