Advertising Blurbs

    Zero to 90 at the press of a button.

    White-knuckle fast-paced racing action from Orbital Media.

    Sprint around the world in some of the hottest cars in Racing Gears Advance.


    • 25 detailed tracks
    • 12 characters, each with a separate vehicle
    • Multiplayer capabilities
    • Tune-up vehicles
    Sharp turns and fast cars aren't the best of combinations. Add seven competitors vying for first place, and you're in for super racing action in Racing Gears Advance.

    This game steers clear of first-person, 3D racing, instead offering a clean, overhead view of the action. This doesn't make the racing any easier as you're up against some of the sweetest cars on the street.

    Either in Championship or Practice mode, select one of seven characters. Each character drives a different vehicle, from a Lotus to a Hummer, and each vehicle has a special feature that you would never find in a street-legal ride. The Dodge Super-8 Hemi and its driver, Fat Cat, can steal money from other racers. The Hummer, driven by Gunner, can shoot twice the normal rate of fire when a weapon is equipped. You can unlock five characters and cars in Championship mode.

    Before a race in each of the five circuits, use the money you've won to upgrade weapons, tires or basic auto tune-ups, such as engine or brakes. If you car is dinged up, drop some money on repairs or your performance suffers. Once you win a circuit, you earn a license for the next circuit.

    Each driver's stats and customizations are saved individually. Beat the circuit with one type of vehicle and then try to do it with a different vehicle.

    Although the cars look a little Matchbox in nature from the overhead view, the game gives you plenty of challenges. The varying weather conditions will force you to upgrade your tires often so you have the right wheels for each track. With the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable, four players can battle on the tracks and claim bragging rights, until the next race, at least.

    Bottom Line

    Find the shortcuts and head for the finish line in this fine racing title.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65883) on Aug 23, 2006.