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Racing Gears Advance Credits


ProducerStephen Shatford
DesignStephen Shatford, David Bond, Graham Scott, Richard Knight
SoundtrackNeil D. Voss (Compound Inc.)
Collision/Controls/BalancingGraham Scott
AIGraham Scott
QA TestersMatthew Hammett, Chris Ludwig, Roxanne Taylor, James Pitz, Eric Taylor, Paul Meyers, Brendan O'Beirne, Dustin Owens, Shannan Deminick, Dan Shimizu, Ryan Slugett, Jon Perry, Brian Taylor, Nick Ruttnam
Package DesignStephen Shatford, Armand Vos, Graeme Morris
Manual DesignStephen Shatford, Richard Knight
PublisherOrbital Media Inc.
DeveloperOrbital Media Inc. in-house: Team Alpha


GameDavid Bond, Lorne Sturtevant, Jay Heggerud
ToolsDavid Bond, Brian Kennedy


TracksArmand Vos, Klint Johnson, Brian Yee, Steve LeCouilliard, Lee Neilsen, Tom Pajak, Graham Scott, Kelly Smith
3D ModelingBrian Yee, Armand Vos, Klint Johnson
InterfaceStephen Shatford, Brian Yee


Integrated MarketingStephen Shatford
Director of MarketingScott Davis

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