Rayman 3 Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
If you go to play the European version, choose between the 10 available languages.
The menu screen is very simple and no needs comment.
Here you can select the next world to explore. Good luck!
Grab in the plants to have access high platforms.
Rayman's current situation: not so good...
To talk with Murfy, find some smiling magical stones...
This guy is very hunger! But you will defeat before its lunch...
Observing the danger at great length...
Don't lose your precious time with an idiotic enemy and do one massive attack!
Locked doors are opened only with brute force!
Stage complete!
Rayman and Ly in a little dialog.
In the swamp, you will be pulled for a very cool snake. Take advantage of this help and collect all the Lums!
Ly will give to you some extra skills later in the adventure. What a great girl!
Talk to a friend.
First boss - cannon.
I'm Rayrzan!
Jump, Rayman, jump!