Rayman Raving Rabbids Credits (Game Boy Advance)

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Rayman Raving Rabbids Credits

Developed by Visual Impact Productions

Development DirectorClaude Verstraeten
Lead ProgrammerAurélien Leveque
Art DirectorLionel Caillaud
ProducerAntoine Voisin
Game DesignDavid Juhens
QADavid Juhens
ProgrammersHervé Trisson, Nicolas Sevez
Background DesignersLionel Caillaud, Thomas Rungeard
AnimatorsPatricia Stroud, Claude Tachnakian, Philippe Dessoly
Additional AnimationMichèle Bacqué
GAX Sound EngineShin'en Multimedia
Welcome toYaniv Verstraeten

Publisher - Ubisoft Entertainment

CEOYves Guillemot
EMEA DirectorAlain Corre
International Product DirectorChristine Burgess-Quémard

3rd Party Project Management

EMEA Development DirectorBertrand Chaverot
Executive ProducerStéphane Decroix
ProducersNicolas Lochet, Michel Momcilovic

Data Management International Service

ManagerBenoît Maury-Bouët
Assets ManagerDavid Picco
Authoring TechnicianAnis Boujaouane


Studio DirectorCoralie Martin
Localization Project ManagerAnne Perreau
Dutch VersionUtrax
German VersionStefan Dinger, Dieter Pfeil
Italian VersionOrange Studio
Spanish Versionagua massmedia
English VersionJason Whittaker

Marketing EMEA

EMEA Marketing Group ManagerJohanne Grange
EMEA Brand ManagersJulien Galou, David Bedjaï
Editorial Marketing - Marketing Game ManagerAdrian J. Fernandez-Lacey
Senior Marketing CoordinatorLoïc Gounon
Musical ArrangementsWill Loconto, Manuel Bachet
QA Platform SpecialistsJean-Dominic Audet, Francis Quintal

Bug Tracker

C.E.O.Antoine Carre
C.O.O.Paquito Hernandez
QA SupervisorPeter Cooke
Lead TesterStéphane Maltais
TestersDavid Cruau, Martin Anglehart, Francis Renaud, Jean-Pierre Bergevin, Marco Rodi, Carole Boudreault, Simon Chartrand, Kain Lacroix, Francois Trudel, Stephanie Viel, Yoann Dumontet

Special Thanks

Rayman CreatorMichel Ancel
Creators of the BunniesHubert Chevillard, Charles Beirnaert

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ben K (23935)