Advertising Blurbs

Nintendo E3 2005 Catalog:
    In Rebelstar Tactical Command, rebels must defeat the reining Arelian empire in this turn-based strategy game with an RPG twist. Weapons include grenades, sniper rifles, missile launchers and laser rifles. Destructible environments and true line of sight rules apply. Features various single- and multiplayer modes.

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Jan 03, 2009.

Back of Box (US):
    A band of rebels challenges the Arelian Empire for planet Earth.

    After decades of alien oppression, a band of rebels rises up to fight against the Arelians. A new recruit, Jorel, becomes their leader, organizing the rebel forces to build a powerful army.

    • Turn-based strategy with RPG elements lets you earn, then spend skill points to develop characters just the way you want them.
    • Use smoke grenades for stealth and cover, or destroy environments to expose your enemy with true line of site in 8 directions.
    • A huge arsenal of weapons and equipment includes sniper rifles, missile launchers, chain guns, laser rifles and a variety of explosives.
    • Campaign, Skirmish, and Hotseat multiplayer modes.

    Contributed by Freeman (41920) on Nov 30, 2005.