Rebelstar: Tactical Command Credits

Namco Hometek Inc.

Business Unit DirectorJeffrey Lujan
Executive ProducerPierre Roux
ProducerMark W. Brown
Product Marketing ManagerTara Samuels
Senior PR ManagerMika Kelly
PR SpecialistRobert Cogburn
Senior Operations ManagerJennifer Tersigni
QA & Customer Support ManagerGlen A. Cureton
QA SupervisorDaryle Tumacder
Senior QA LeadJesse Mejia (as Jesse Majia)
QA TestersDavid Miller, Randy Reyes, Justin Lockshaw, Y Pham, Brandon Voytoski, Jared Rea, Alex Gannaway
Special Thanks ToNobuhiro Kasahara, Robert Ennis, Garry Cole, Yoshi Niki, Sean Mylett, Brian Schorr, Lee Hsiao, Philip Cohen, Peter Cesario, David Robinson, Chester B. Vergara, Michael Morishita, Mitch Boyer, Dan Tovar, Heidi Brodie, Brent Coyle, Jaba & Otto, Tom Usher Designs, All of our family and friends, ...and YOU for playing!
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Codo Technologies

Game DesignJulian Gollop
Lead ProgrammerNick Gollop
ProgrammerSteve Moorhause
Lead ArtistDenis Istomin
Character Design, Concept Art and BackgroundsGez Fry
Lead Character Sprite ArtistDmitry Chernenko
Character SpritesNiki Hunter, Aleksei Garkushin
Terrain SpritesMaxim Miranov
Sound and MusicParagon 5

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Credits for this game were contributed by breakyboy (1631)