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Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes (Game Boy Advance)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes Credits

Published by Vivendi Universal Games

Senior ProducerBeny Levy
ProducerDavid Chatfield
Associate ProducerTommi Johnson
Creative DirectorBen Badgett
Executive ProducerKathy A. Bucklin
Director of DevelopmentCathy B. Siegel
Brand ManagerJeff Neinstein, Shawna Meek
Marketing CoordinatorsRebecca Rufener, Carla Staley
Director of MarketingBeckie Holmes, Al Simone
Director of TechnologyMatthew From
QA Project LeadWilliam Guerrero
QA Associate Project LeadJulio Manzanares
QA TestersCameron Austin, Robert Bare, Vincent Delupio, Brian Douglas, Benjamin Hines, David Kao, Michael Kurilko, Fausto Lorenzano, Joseph Olivas, Dereck Queza, Calvin Wong, Stephen Yang
Configuration LabAfolabi Akibola, Robert Gardner, Mark Jihanian, Jason Perry
QA Brand ManagerDavid Schapiro
QA DirectorStuart Hay
Senior Research AnalystIrene Lane
Consumer Research AssistantsMaria Andrews, Patricia Ballas
Booklet DesignLauren Azeltine
Packaging ManagerNeal Johnson
Account SupervisorMaggie Storm Gardner
Special ThanksFisher‑Price Licensing Team, Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Team, Pamela Blanford, Faye Schwartz, Tom Zehnder, Mark Bishay, Paul Joffe, Heather Marsden, James Galloway, Michael Caradonna, Leslie House, and our kid testers!

Developed by Way Forward Technologies

Executive ProducerVoldi Way
ProducerJohn Beck
Production ManagerShereef Morse
DirectorMatt Bozon
Assistant DirectorArmando Soto
AnimationRobert Buchanan, Marc Gomez
BackgroundsArmando Soto
Lead ProgrammerMichael W. Stragey
Level DesignArmando Soto, Paul Kite
Original Music ScoresGame Audio Magic
Music EngineerJohn Wasiel
Sound EffectsJohn Wasiel
MusyX Audio ToolsFactor 5
QA TestersMark Bozon, Palo Porazik, Tyler Huckemeyer, Kathryn Bell
Special ThanksAll Wayforward Staff, Angelica Danan, Erin Bozon, Luke Bozon, Emma Beck, Timmy Beck, Nicole Slamer, Michael Morse, Jen Soto, Armando Soto, Madison Soto, Lala Ragimov, Dong Wang, Mario Club

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