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SEGA Arcade Gallery (Game Boy Advance)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

SEGA Arcade Gallery Credits

Bits Studios Ltd.

Lead ProgrammerSteven Clark
Lead ArtistMark Jones
ProgrammerJason Austin
ScriptingJason Austin, Jason Wheeler
Quality AssuranceStephen L. Cox
Track LayoutsStephen L. Cox
MusicAnthony N. Putson
Sound EffectsAllister Brimble
Special ThanksDavid Manley, Rhys Cadle, Neil Dejyothin, Robert Hakim, Laurence McDonald, Annette Mahoney, Jimmy Ng Wing Keng, John Kavanagh, Anita Henderson

THQ INC. - Product Development

Vice President - Product DevelopmentPhilip Holt
Executive ProducerCarolina Beroza
Senior ProducerJamie Bafus
ProducerCurtis R. Cherrington
Assistant ProducerRandy Planck

Quality Assurance

Lead TesterChuck Sheffield
TestersMike Black, Patrick Ifurung, James Krenz
QA DirectorJeremy S. Barnes
QA ManagerMonica Vallejo
QA TechnicianMario Waibel
QA Database AdministratorJason Roberts


Vice President ‑ MarketingPeter Dille
Group Marketing ManagerAlison Quirion
Associate Product Marketing ManagerHeather Hall
Marketing CoordinatorMichael Greene
Director, Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Senior Creative Services ManagerKathy Helgason
Creative Services ManagerKirk Somdal
Director, Media RelationsLiz Pieri
Media Relations ManagerReilly Brennan
Associate Media Relations ManagerErik Reynolds
Manual TextKeith M. Kolmos
Package and Manual DesignPrice Design Team
Special ThanksAlison Locke, Brian J. Farrell, Jeffrey Lapin, Germaine Gioia, Brian F. Christian, Shinobu Toyoda, Kathy Schoback, Judy Jette, Robert Riley, Brandy A. Carrillo, Gordon L. Madison Jr., Jack Suzuki, Ricardo Fischer, Christian Kenney, Paul Rivas, Stacey Mendoza, Julian Brummitt, Chaille Stidham, Makoto Osaki, Koji Kuroki

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69724) and formercontrib (157721)