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The Video Game Critic (Apr 18, 2016)
Details like signs and spectators are indistinct but you still get a sense of them. The driving action is very forgiving and I'm not sure it's even possible to crash into anything. It's fun to shave seconds off your best times though, and always satisfying to pass another car just before you cross the finish line. The races are short and sweet with best times recorded to cartridge. The tracks incorporate all sorts of environments, weather conditions, and different times of day. I found the desert tracks a little hard to follow, but the snowy village and tropical isle locations look absolutely beautiful. Completing events awards you with coins used to unlock cars, galleries, and even mini-games. The graphics may come across a little rough, but if you stick with it this miniature Sega Rally is sure to satisfy your craving for off-road racing.
Bordersdown (Oct, 2003)
This is a better driving game than those which have come before it on the GBA, and if only it wasn't called Sega Rally, it would appeal to a lot more gamers. As it is, the lofty expectations placed on it by the world's nostalgic memories of its predecessors will lead most to dismiss this as an impossible dream on an underpowered system. In reality, it's an entertaining little racer that, despite one or two flaws and glitches, isn't far off the best racing action you can have on the bus on your way to work.
70 (May 02, 2003)
V-Rally reste roi mais si vous l'avez bouclé dans tous les sens, le titre de Sega peut constituer une bonne alternative dans un style plus arcade. Il est seulement regrettable que les faiblesses du moteur 3D puissent entraver, de temps à autres, le gameplay pourtant plaisant.
IGN (Mar 11, 2003)
As far as racing engines go, this one can't compete with the likes of Colin McRae 2.0, GT Advance 2: Rally Racing or even V-Rally 3 on the Game Boy Advance. But even though the main racing is lacking, the development team made the package palatable by including a ton of extras, including Internet ranking, collectable mini-games, tracks, vehicles, and historical Sega Rally images. So, while there are plenty of better looking and handling racing titles on the GBA, at least Sega Rally makes up for its design shortcomings in mass amounts of features.
N-Zone (Jul 08, 2003)
Als ich das erste Mal eine Proberunde fuhr, war ich ehrlich gesagt über die Grafik mehr als überrascht. Prescht man etwas schneller durch die Gegend, fliegen einem die megagroßen Pixel nur so um die Ohren. Von Sega sind wir doch eigentlich Besseres gewohnt!
Nun macht sich auch Sega auf den Weg ins GBA-Fahrerlager. Leider schrammt das hauseigne Rallyespiel doch ein paar Plätze an der Pole Position vorbei. Abgesehen davon, dass sich einige Termins so schwammig designt präsentieren, dass man die Strecke nicht von der Umrandung unterscheiden kann, häufen sich die handfesten Grafikfehler. Gegnerische Fahrzeuge könne durch Hindernisse erkannt werden, Clipping-Fehler zeigen Streckenteile in Tunneln oder lassen Begrenzungen verschwinden und massive Pop-Ups verunstalten die durchaus abwechslungsreich gestalteten Landschaften. Die Steuerung reagiert hin und wieder ebenfalls etwas schwammig. Klare Pros sind die Multiplayer-Modi (mit mehreren Modulen), die freispielbaren Autos, Strecken und Boni und ein Copilot, der sich optisch und akustisch bemerkbar macht und zuverlässig die korrekte Streckenführung angibt.
EAGB Advance (Oct 25, 2003)
Before you consider purchasing SEGA Rally you really need to ask yourself what you want from a game of this nature. If it's all about the way it looks then this really isn't the prettiest of games out there and the rally genre has had been graced with considerably better 3D engines.

If, on the other hand, you're more led by features and handling, then SEGA Rally could be the title you've been searching for. A generous amount of track, options and unlockables will keep you occupied for some time and that's before you indulge in the multiplayer or Internet ranking competition.

If you're collecting Rally games on the GBA then this should definitely be in your collection but if you only need one then V-Rally 3 is still the outright winner when it comes to experiencing this adrenalin-fueled sport in handheld form.
50 (UK) (Apr 07, 2003)
Sega Rally is obviously well put together in terms of the number of challenges it offers you, and it does play rather like its Saturn predecessor when you throw it into first-person mode - with every bump, gyration and wheelspin accentuated aurally and visually - but we were rather taken aback by how easy it is. We're not quite sure what we were doing wrong (or especially right), but despite bouncing off walls regularly (which is an occupational hazard if you can't pick the road out from the scenery), we quickly unlocked most of the tracks and cars, and polished off the various championships. Indeed, we breezed through most of them first time round, but unlike V-Rally 3, which was also very easy for the most part, we didn't enjoy it too much. V-Rally 3 may have glitches and the same Outrun-style engine mechanics, but it's more fun than Sega Rally, and that's a shame, because otherwise this has all the trappings of an excellent rally game.
Don't judge this book by its cover. The Sega Rally name is respected, but I can't say that I feel the same about this particular title.