Sega Rally Championship Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Vehicle selection.
Cup select - Spirit Cup
Selecting transmission
Track info
The Mountain track 1
The Mountain track 2
A Toyota Corolla before the race starts
Corolla in Sandstorm track
Impreza on Village track in a place where the road gets narrow
Impreza close to finish line
Mitsubishi Evo in Village track
Mitsubishi Evo in Time Attack with ghost car in distance
Alone in the road
A different time and weather settings
First person view
Another first person view
Competition is hard
Struggling for a better position
Peugeot 206 on Snow track
Corolla in the Isle track
Coming out of a tunnel in the Forest track
A mini game on the Extras where you have to get the coins within a time limit
Gallery screenshot unlocked 1
Gallery screenshot unlocked 2
Finishing first in Championship mode
Depending on your rank you get the equivalent points