Serious Sam Ad Blurbs (Game Boy Advance)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Advertising Blurbs

    Time for mayhem.

    Don't be Mental, now.


    • Relentless first-person shooter
    • Weapons include chainsaw, pistol and shotgun
    • Multi-Pak action for one to four players

    Like Serious Sam: Next Encounter for the GCN, Serious Sam Advance dispenses with traditional lock-and-key puzzle elements, focusing instead on relentless action as Sam rewrites history in his time-traveling pursuit of Mental's minions. You'll find plenty of weapons, ammo and health power-ups. You'll need them all, as the bad guys charge like so many art lovers at a $1.99 Picasso sale.

    Controls are extremely basic. You can't jump and there's no inventory. The manual aiming makes strafing tough, as you'll constantly have to re-aim as you sidle sideways.

    Bottom Line

    Serious Sam Advance may be a weaker entry in the robust GBA FPS lineup, but don't hold that against the equally basic but very fun Serious Sam: Next Encounter.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65759) on Aug 07, 2006.