Serious Sam Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
A mission briefing
You get mission data before each mission.
Blowing up a beheaded kamikaze with a well-place shot from a Schofield pistol
Facing down a couple headless kamikazes
Don't try to chainsaw explosive enemies.
Two Methug soldiers
There are a lot of explosions in this game
This is not the best weapon to use on a Syrian werebull
Up close and personal with a Syrian werebull
Setting off a chain reaction with the double-barrel coach gun
A Methug commander up close
Shooting a Methug soldier
Hermit crabuloids are usually in swarms like this.
Getting hit by a cyclops
You can get into sticky situations while reloading the coach gun
Getting hit by an Aludran arachnoid
Aludran arachnoids say hello to my little friend!
Thompson sub machine gun in action
Enemies teleporting in
You'll be using the Tommy gun a lot.
Beheaded kamikazes usually come in groups.
The cyclopses aren't so tough once you have the rocket launcher.
An Aludran repitilod dances on the wall.
More Methug soldiers.
A bunch a bladder beasts.
A better look at the bladder beast.
Don't think they'll skimp on the crowds just because it's Game Boy Advance.
This isn't looking good.
Problem solved
Using the chainsaw in multiplayer
Face-to-face in deathmatch
I've got my opponent in my sights in multiplayer
Dying in multiplayer
World map
End of level