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    Master the spirits in this sequel.

    Step into the world of Yoh Asakura as he trains to become the next Shaman King in Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2.


    • Collect spirits of vanquished opponents for use in battle
    • Use Spirit Unity & Spirit Control in offensive and defensive moves
    • Upgrade your spirits to negotiate treacherous levels filled with traps
    • Special items and unlockable moves to challenge players of all skill levels

    In this all-new, action-packed RPG, players continue their quest to become the next Shaman King. Challenged by the powerful will of Zeke, Yoh must summon all his abilities. Yoh, a junior high school student, is a shaman, one of the few who can communicate with ghosts and spirits. Through his powers, Yoh can join forces with another spirit, binding ghost and human as one.

    Yoh teams up with Amidamaru, the spirit of an ancient samurai warrior, and begins his quest to be crowned Shaman King in the grand tournament, held once every 500 years. To assist Yoh in his quest, players can collect the spirits of vanquished opponents and use these spirits to help him in battle. Players will also be able to summon old and new Guardian Ghosts in battles to defeat enemies.

    As players progress, they will build their skills and unlock special moves, combo systems and abilities. Adding to the excitement, gamers can upgrade their spirits and use the enhanced spirit system to negotiate treacherous levels filled with traps.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on Aug 23, 2005.