Advertising Blurbs
    Use your spectral powers in a supernatural journey to claim the title of Shaman King!


    • Original story based on the Shaman King anime series
    • Use Spirit Unity to harness the power of ghosts
    • Earn experience to learn new abilities and attacks

    In Konami's Shaman King: Master of the Spirits you are Yoh Asakura, a student with the talent to see and communicate with ghosts. That's right, you ... see ... dead people! Based on an anime series of the same name, Shaman King propels you into a side-scrolling adventure full of spirits and specters.

    In the anime series, Yoh and friends Anna and Morty, aided by a samurai ghost, Amidamaru, are on a quest to win the Grand Tournament and be crowned Shaman King.

    The game's original story line includes familiar faces from the series along with a host of new enemies. As Yoh defeats evil spirits he gains new abilities and attacks. These Spirit Unities could be the key to becoming Shaman King.

    Although the game is focused on action with combo attacks and boss battles, the role-playing elements add surprising depth. You can equip new weapons, shop for items, and earn experience to help Yoh grow stronger.

    Characters and enemies are nicely detailed. Despite the seemingly somber storyline, the style is fairly light-hearted. Our hero sports baggy jeans and a spiky hair style while archrival Rio wears a white bell-bottomed jumpsuit and greased pompadour.

    When special attacks are launched, a cartoon cel showing the Spirit Unity flashes across the screen in a comic-book style. Dialog sequences feature hand-drawn portraits with exaggerated expressions. Backgrounds are less impressive, but still manage to fit the style and mood of the game.

    Bottom Line

    The dialog and story will satisfy Shaman King fans, but even newcomers will enjoy the blend of gameplay

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Feb 23, 2005.