Shining Soul II Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

A new adventure awaits
Choose from 8 different characters
Each character has different strengths and weaknesses based on their type
You can change the colors of your character to suit your preferences
The story is really just part of a book that is being read
The introduction explains the past so you have some idea of where the future will go
The "Forbidden Fruit"
The towns look very nice as you move through them
Meet a variety of people, such as this guy playing a lute (or something similar)
The world map is great to look at
The in-game menu is very simple; consisting of only 4 options -- Items, Status, Window Color, and Save
The status screen shows all your stats on a single screen and also allows you to increase your stats whenever you level up
The inventory screen shows all your items and equipment
A battle with a couple goblins