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    Il y a fort longtemps, une civilisation fut anéantie et réduite en cendres par le Dark Dragon, l'incarnation de la destruction. Des centaines d'années s'écoulèrent et alors qu'une nouvelle race humaine avait colonisé ces terres, le Dark Dragon revint à la vie pour noyer le monde dans une mer de feu.
    Cependant, un petit groupe affrontant le Dark Dragon vint en aide à la population. Ce groupe était composé des descendants de l'ancienne civilisation, aujourd'hui disparue, derniers détenteurs du moyen de le vaincre.
    Ces descendants, équipés de leurs armes et dotés des connaissances de leurs ancêtres, vinrent défier le Dark Dragon, à la place des habitants de la contrée qui ignoraient tout de l'art de la guerre. Le combat désespéré entre le Dark Dragon et ces individus, connus sous le nom de « Flotte étincelante », dura une éternité jusqu'à ce qu'ils arrivent dans le pays de Runefaust.
    C'est là qu'aura lieu le combat final. La « Flotte étincelante » dirigée par le fin stratège Noah pourra-t-elle défendre le pays contre les Cinq Généraux du dragon et Dark Dragon lui même..


    • 4 classes de personnages, directement issues des mains du créateur de la série des "Shining", avec leurs propres compétences et spécificités
    • Un mode multijoueur unique pour ce genre de jeu, autorisant jusqu'à 4 joueurs en link
    • Des quêtes palipantes au coeur de l'heroïc fantasy pour plus de 40 heures de Jeu
    • Une prise en main rapide et de nombreux raccourcis permettant des accès directs aux menus (inventaire, armes et objets...)
    • Une réalisation graphique du plus bel effet pour une immersion totale

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Sep 24, 2005. - Game Boy Advance:
    Confront the Dark Dragon in the adventure of a lifetime!

    Atlus's latest GBA offering, Shining Soul, is as traditional as it gets. The latest in the massive Shining series of RPGs, Shining Soul boasts real-time combat, four unique character classes and a whole lot of fun.


    • Explore the Dark Dragon's realm to find hidden areas and items, including Soul Crystals which allow you to unleash ground-shaking special attacks.

    • Choose from four different character classes: Warrior, Wizard, Archer or Dragonute.

    • Use Game Boy Advance Game Link cables to connect with up to three friends and tackle the game as a team.

    • Completely customize your character by choosing your own color schemes, weapons and armor.

    Like any great RPG, Shining Soul features an elaborate storyline. Long ago, a creature called the Dark Dragon destroyed a great human civilization and reduced the land to ash. Now, hundreds of years later, humans are trying to rebuild -- but the dragon has reappeared. The only hope lies with four descendants of the original civilization. By joining forces, the four hope to destroy the Dark Dragon and restore peace to the land forever.

    All combat takes place in real time, and the enemies keep moving even when you're accessing item and stat menus. Since you can see creatures coming, you can choose whether to engage in a fight -- but the more monsters you defeat, the more Experience Points you will earn. Each of the four characters possesses a unique set of skills, and once you've gained enough experience, you can upgrade him or her in a number of different areas.

    While Shining Soul is a fun solo jaunt, it absolutely rocks as a multiplayer game. You can trade items among your friends, compete with each other for treasure and watch each other's backs as one person accesses the item menu or levels up.

    Bottom Line

    Shining Soul is a fun, frenetic romp through the world of magic and monsters -- accessible for novice gamers, but with enough depth to keep hardcore RPG fans happy. If you beat Four Swords and are looking for a new game to play with your friends, or if you just want a Gauntlet-like experience to whip out on long car trips, Shining Soul is your answer.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Apr 27, 2005.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Game Boy Advance:
    “The game features a cool item system that makes experimentation easy. You can assign items and equipment to six slots, which can then be selected and cycled through using the L and R triggers. The system comes off as intuitive from the moment that you play. Those who remember the notorious "Jump Boots" problem from Shining Wisdom, where whenever you wanted to jump you had to equip an item, will instantly recognize the value of this system (although we're not sure if you can gain the ability to jump in this game). On top of all this is four player simultaneous play. …. Four player mode should be a riot." -

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on May 16, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Game Boy Advance:
    The “Shining” series, has been popular amongst fans of the genre, and has released games on the Mega Drive, Game Gear and Sega Saturn (Shining and the Darkness, Shining Force etc). This is the latest installment of the series and comes in the form of an exciting action RPG. The story of this game happens a thousand years before that of Shining Force, the Mega Drive game released in 1992. The character designer, Tamaki, has worked on “Shining and the Darkness” and “Shining Force”, titles which have earned credibility over the years.

    There was once a civilization that was destroyed by the Dark Dragon, the embodiment of destruction. The Dark Dragon has been sealed for hundreds of years, and people lived peacefully until it again emerges and starts its reign of terror. A group of people called “Crew of Light” appeared who vow to defeat the Dark Dragon…

    Players have a choice of four character classes: Warriors, Archers, Dragonutes and Wizards, he/she can therefore pick a character depending on their playing style. Players can also customize the names for the characters and customize the appearance.

    Players start the game at the base camp, Prontis. On leaving the town, players will enter the dungeon, coming face to face with the enemy for the first time. Defeating the boss of a dungeon unlocks another dungeon in the map. Altogether, there are a total of 8 dungeons (there is also a hidden dungeon) in which players can explore and build up their character’s profiles.

    With a 4-player multi-player link, this will unite all the fans of the series for an all-out gaming experience!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on May 16, 2004.

Back of Box:
    In ancient times, a great civilization was reduced to ashes by the Dark Dragon, the incarnation of destruction. After hundreds of years, a new people settled the land. But, the Dark Dragon arose to once again turn the towns into a sea of fire. Only a small group of individuals knew of a means to confront the Dark Dragon. They were the descendants of those whose homes were destroyed long ago. These descendants of the ancients went forth and challenged the Dark Dragon, equipped with weapons and knowledge handed down by their ancestors.

    Now, the final stage of the war is about to begin. Will the Shining Fleet, led by the strategist Noah, succeed in defeating the dragon's Five Generals as well as the Dark Dragon itself...?

    Customize your character by selecting from various color schemes, weapons, and armor.

    Choose from 4 exciting character classes with different abilities!

    Embark on an epic journey, explore dark labyrinths, and battle gigantic bosses!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69437) on Nov 12, 2003.