Shrek 2: Beg for Mercy! Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Language selection
Title screen
Intro tells about Puss In Boots' past
Selecting available "jobs", each of which is a set of levels.
Selecting a level, although all levels must be played through in regular order the first time.
First level
You can talk to the magic from the film.
If you talk to the mirror, he explains the controls and game mechanics.
First enemy is a walking pumpkin.
Chopper pumpkin
We also get attacked by peasants.
Clinging to a wall
I'm slaughtering the townsfolk, but I'm the good guy.
Good old video game climbing vines
Sliding down diagonal vines
The evil-looking, red-eyed, face-distorted tree gives me hints!?
The way is blocked by a guy with a crossbow
Rats as big as cats! Where's that guy with the flute from Hameln when you need him!?
Clovers give you an additional health point, if you're at full health.
Cut-scene: Puss is asked to kill an ogre.
Cut-scene: Th king asked Shrek to meet him somewhere in the forest.
We get to play Shrek in a few levels.
The king wants to meet Shrek in the forest, but his knights apparently are against Shrek leaving the castle.
Faeries enable you to fly for a short time.
Puss in cave is warned to not go any further.
Fighting a golden skeleton.
Found the Ogre Sword, but can't use it.
Apart from Shrek, we also play Donkey in a few levels.
These man-sized potions restore your health to maximum.
Puss meeting Shrek and Donkey
An invincible foe
The first and last boss fight