Sonic the Hedgehog Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Main Menu
A familiar scene
If you get hit by an enemy or obstacle, your rings will spill everywhere
Monitors like these hold bonuses such as rings, lives, or invincibility
Sonic dashes through a loop
Depending on how high you jump at the end of a level, you can discover secret bonus points
Special Stage - Find the hidden Chaos Emerald!
Finished the Special Stage
When invincible, you can plough through anything!
The spikes on this pole rotate around - time your moves!
Sonic can even break through certain walls
The insidious Dr. Robotnik and his giant wrecking ball
Robotnik is toast!
Watch out for Caterkiller!
Some platforms in lava sink, and even set on fire!
Hurry up!
Push the marble block onto the switch to lift the spike trap
These blocks fall from the ceiling and can crush you!
Marble Zone clear!
In Anniversary Mode, you can spin dash, like in Sonic 2 and 3!
Time your jumps, or get scorched by lava!
Lava occasionally bubbles up and lifts you into the air
These lamp posts act as checkpoints for Sonic
Break through these marble blocks with a spin jump!
Spring Yard Zone is chock full of all sorts of traps
Sonic bounces around the level like a pinball!
Don't get crushed by these moving blocks!
These spikes rotate around quickly, be sure not to get hit!
These large gray spikes are much slower, but just as painful!
Sonic discovers a secret area