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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! (Game Boy Advance)

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! Credits

SpongeBob Squarepants "Lights, Camera, PANTS!"

Developed byWayForward Technologies
Tyrannical OverlordVoldi Way
Executive ProducerJohn Beck
WayForward Creative DirectorMatt Bozon
ProducerDerek Dutilly
DesignedMarc Gomez
DirectedMarc Gomez
Lead ProgrammerLarry Holdaway
ProgrammerDavid Wright
Engine ProgrammerMichael W. Stragey
Tool ProgrammerMichael W. Stragey
Character AnimationChris Kerlegon
Additional Character AnimationKendra Boggs, Renee Lee, Dan Schier, Larry Holdaway
BackgroundsRenee Lee, Jacob Stevens
Story PanelsJames Burkes, Marc Gomez
Level DesignHwang Nguyen, Hasen Ahmad, Marc Gomez, Larry Holdaway, Tom Kanchanapinyokul
Additional Art byRobert Buchanan, Abigail Goldsmith, Armando Soto
TestingHasen Ahmad, Brandon Williams, John Wasiel
Sound and FXShin'en Multimedia
GAX Sound engineShin'en Multimedia
Special Thanks toThe WayForward Staff, Jennifer Dutilly, Sierra, Bubba and Tannen, Matt, Rob, Mondo, Abby Goldsmith, Andrew Dickman, Robby Sylianteng, Soo Bin, Hyun Woo, Eric Peterson


Project ManagerKathleen Nicholls
Creative ManagerScott Rogers
Creative DirectorStephen Jarrett
Art DirectorThom Ang
Technical DirectorPeter Andrew
Licensor ManagerStephanie Wise
Director, Product DevelopmentMark Morris
Vice President, Product DevelopmentPhilip Holt
Test SupervisorDavid Sapienza
Quality Assurance LeadRyan King
Quality Assurance TestersPeter Elsley, Steven McGriff, Michael Leffler, Eric Peterson, Luis Ramirez
First Party SupervisorEvan Icenbice
First Party SpecialistsAdam Affrunti, Scott Ritchie, Todd Thommes
Quality Assurance TechniciansRichard Jones, David Wilson
Mastering Lab TechniciansCharles Batarse, Glen Peters, Anthony Dunnet, Thomas Arnold
Database Applications EngineerJason Roberts
Game Evaluation TeamSean C. Heffron, F. Scott Frazier, Matt Elzie, Bryan Williams
Director of Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo
Quality AssuranceMario Waibel


Senior Vice President, Worldwide MarketingPeter Dille
Director, Global Brand ManagementJohn Ardell
Senior Global Brand ManagerDanielle Conte
Product Marketing ManagerPeter Kennedy
Marketing CoordinatorSam Guilloud


Director, Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Creative Services ManagerMelissa Roth


Global Senior Media Relations ManagerKristina Kirk
Media Relations ManagerKathy Mendoza Bricaud
Media Relations CoordinatorGretchen Armerding


Director, Global Brand ManagementMichael Pattison
Senior Global Brand ManagerKarine Goethals
Assistant Global Brand ManagerTrevor Burrows
Product Manager, UKAngela Bateman
Senior Product Manager, Asia PacificElizabeth Kotevska
Product Manager, GermanyClaus Schmidt
Product Manager, FranceVirginie Zerah
Product Manager, SpainFermin GarcĂ­a
Localization DirectorSusanne Dieck
Localization ManagerBernd Kurtz
International Art DirectorTill Enzmann
THQ Special ThanksJenni Carlson, Jim Kennedy, Brian J. Farrell, Edward Zinser, Tiffany Ternan, Germaine Gioia, Leslie Brown, Brandy A. Carrillo, Amy Bernardino, Jenae Pash, Marcel Samek, Christopher Folino, Fernando Velloso, Kris Buccieri, Melissa Rivas, Chad Ellman, Samantha Collins, Laura Campos, James Gilbert-Rolfe, Joshua Austin, Tanya Haider, Jean Philippe Randisi, Gregoire Halbout, Nicole Withers, Nathalie Massabni, Miriam Wermelt

Nickelodeon Interactive

Senior Vice President of Entertainment ProductsStephen Youngwood
Senior Director of InteractiveStacey V. Lane
Manager of InteractiveStephanie Bond-Hutkin
Coordinator of InteractiveDan Boldin
Vice President, Creative Director LicensingTim Blankley
Creative Director of Entertainment ProductsDaniel Moreton
Senior Designer of InteractiveRob Lemon
Junior Designer of InteractiveJason Di Orio
Senior Manager, Copy-ContentDebra Krassner
Coordinator Copy‑ContentKristen Yu
Nickelodeon would like to thankLeigh Anne Brodsky, Michele Caruso, Russell Hicks, Linnette Pastori, Lori Szuchman, Geoff Todebush, Stavit Young, Chezza Zoeller
We would like to thankEric Coleman, Sergio Cuan, Stephen Hillenburg

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