Spyro: Season of Ice Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
In game menu
The in game option Atlas keeps tracks of your achievements
Hunter talking to you about game controls
Bianca says that if you want to go through certain doors you have to save more fairies
Go for the enemy or grab the diamonds?
Using your fire breath on enemies
Talking to characters will help you on your quest to find the fairies
That's what appears when you collect all the diamonds in a stage
A person asking you to get rid of the Rhynocs
Getting info before you enter the Stone Age Speedway
Fighting a boss with limited time in Stone Age Speedway
Beating the boss and rescuing Sam
Fairies don't only praise you some give you hints about finding other fairies
Sparx fighting enemies in the Ant Farm
Lighting candles and burning staff is another way of finding fairies
Spyro charging at an enemy in Mermaid Coast
Not all enemies are killed by charging into them or by using fire breath
Sparx fighting a giant bug
Saving another fairy
Saving game screen
Spyro flying
Striking an enemy at Lava Prairie
The portal that leads to Autumn Fairy Home
Thought that was an enemy and tried to charge at him but he wasn't and Spyro bounced back
When you complete a mission the screen takes you back to the person who asked you and a crystal with a trapped fairy inside appears
Yet another rescue
You can only use your fire to kill that guy who throws eggs at you
Game Over