Star Wars: The New Droid Army Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Language select
Title screen
Main menu
Choosing the level of difficulty
The classical Star Wars introduction
The situation after the "Attack Of The Clones"
Anakin gets a task from Yoda and Windu
Arrived on Tatooine
The comlink display the current objective(s)
The map often comes in handy in the vast areas.
The womp rats are no match for a lightsaber.
Posing in front of the Jawas.
Our favourite manifestation of artificial intelligence is also on this planet.
Reflecting blaster shots
Attacked by Tusken Raiders
Talking to a merchant in Mos Espa
The exclamation marks stand for people we can talk to.
In the womp rat cave
These creatures are tough
We have to deal with Aurra, the bounty hunter
Womp rats, droids, Tuskens and now Aurra's henchmen
Reunion with Watto
We need to rescue moisture farmer caught by the Tusken.
Cut scene: The farms are burning.
Dangerous droids
Droidekas are tricky, as there shield blocks of hits once they are shooting.
A Sith!
Caught and thrown in a dungeon.
We also have to get rid of the pig-like prison guards.
Since there is no regualr jump mechanic, the gaps can only be crossed with Force jumps.
Cut scene
There will be a boss battle. Finally.
Back on Coruscant
The underground levels
The steam vents are usually easy to avoid.
We get some help by Clone Troopers.
Another guy from the film
At a bar
Sigh, every bad guy with a name is too busy to fight us, it seems.
At the Jedi Temple
Count Dooku!
The Jedi Archives