Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force Credits

Ubisoft Credits

Producer Jean-François Mailloux
Associate Producer Antoine Guignard
Lead Game Designer Annick Dumais
Game Designers Christine Blondeau, Eva Bunodière, Lionel Rico, Louis Martin Guay
Artistic Director Mathieu Casgrain
Graphic Designers Andrzej Tutaj, Jonathan Lavigne, Julie Cossette, Philippe Bernard
Lead Animator Stéphan Chabot
Animators Frederick Taylor, Sendy Gagné, Thomas Cale Anderson
Lead Programmer Rachel Potvin
Programmers Alexandre Begnoche, Alexandre Maari, Dominic Marier, Jacques Langlois
Sound Designer Michel Marsan
Music & Game Mix Jocelyn Daoust
Original Music Adaptation Clint Bajakian
Script Adaptation Eva Bunodière, Philippe Morin
Localization Project Manager Jean-Sébastien Ferey
Lead Tester Jonathan Moreau
Assistant Lead Tester Jean-Dominic Audet
Testers Christian Chauvette, Francis Beauchamp, Francis Thomas, Justin Phillips, Philippe Dion
User Test Coordinator Sébastien Yelle
User Test Interviewers Nicolas LeBlanc, Thomas Delbuguet, Yves Morissette
Special Thanks Rachel and all LucasArts people, Anne Blondel-Jouin, John Coghlan, Tim Ernst, Jean-François Naud, Karen Conroe, Michael Beadle, Tiffany Spencer, Jeff Dandurand, Jeffrey Dickstein, Ryan Molyneaux, Jasmine Ianneo, Allen Adler, Lee Ann Weber, Marc Fortier, Danielle Unis, Matt Johan, Gabrielle Loeb, Judit Barta, Nicolas Gagnier

Published by Ubisoft Entertainment

Production Marketing Group Manager Caroline Martin
Quality Assurance Manager Éric Tremblay
Sound Studio Manager Jérémi Valiquette
Director of Technology Nicolas Rioux
VP, Continuous Improvement Michel Allard
EVP, Editorial Grégoire Gobbi
Ubisoft Entertainment PresidentMartin Tremblay
International Production Director Christine Burgess-Quémard
International Content Director Serge Hascoët
Sound Specialist Advisor Didier Lord
Approval CoordinatorsRoman Vazeille, Josh Ostrander
Ubisoft CEOYves Guillemot

LucasArts Credits

Producer Rachel Bryant
Content Supervisor Ryan Kaufman
Associate Sound Designer Michael Frayne
Voice Department Manager Darragh O'Farrell
Quality Assurance Supervisor Chuck McFadden
Special Thanks Justin M. Lambros, Derek Flippo, Charlie Skilbeck, Alex Neuse, Rich Davis
Senior Marketing Coordinator Chris Susen
Director of Studio Operations Camela McLanahan
Contract Administrator John Garret
Director of Business Affairs Seth J. Steinberg
VP of Development Randall Breen
VP, Worldwide Sales & Marketing Mary Bihr
Lucasfilm Licensing Stacy Cheregotis, Chris Gollaher, Kristi Kaufman
VP, Lucasfilm Licensing Howard Roffman
Very Special Thanks George Lucas
Star Wars Music Composed byJohn T. Williams

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (36421)