Summon Night: Swordcraft Story Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
You can choose either a male or a female character
After falling down the stairs, you sound a little funny
Your master, Bron, has come to see you before you go to the tournament's opening ceremony
One of the Craftlords is speaking to all of the Craftnights who are in the tournament at the opening ceremony
The menu has many things to choose from
Your character's status shows information about the different weapons you have equipped
Your Guardian Beast's status screen shows the equipped magic and support spells and items
The dungeon levels all look similar. The green circle on the floor is a teleporter
Battles are done in a side-scrolling view
Your Guardian Beast is the only one who can cast spells
As you progress, you will eventually get a Bestiary that tracks the creatures you have fought
The tournament battles are much more difficult than normal battles
Each weapon requires a certain amount of the different kinds of materials
Creating weapons is a major part of the game and each type of weapon has advantages and disadvantages
Materials are made from items you find in the dungeon. Each item can be broken down into different materials
Forging a weapon with your Guardian Beast