Super Mario Advance Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Alternate title screen
Title Screen
Japanese title screen
Game choose menu
Intro Screen
Player Selection
B...B...Big Shy Guy!
Charged for a Super Jump!
Shadow World
In the Clouds
Getting a Lift
Game bug: put enemies inside walls... ;-D
Fighting with Mouser in world 6?
Hit the bubble to release the 1up mushroom
Mario Bros, the classic NES game
Yippeeeeeeeeeee, riding on a birdo's eggs
Dad Shyguy and his sons
Robirdo! A new boss (a robotic version of Birdo)
Throw the big Shy Guy and he gives you a heart
The big Pow can help you to defeat multiple foes
The Krab is a bit suspicious
Knotless birdo
Toad is riding the Koopa's shell
Another game bug: Peach is in the vase ledge
Mario bros - classic game with new graphic
Stage clear
Bonus round
Life lost
Peach is good character - no damsel in distress like in other game
Ride on enemy
Big vegetable
In cave