Written by  :  ThE oNe (184)
Written on  :  Jan 05, 2003
Platform  :  Game Boy Advance

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More then just a remake

The Good

Super Mario World marks the first time that a SNES port has actually been done to it's greatest. The game retains many of the games former glory while bringing it to a portable system. The damn awesome gameplay is back. Some losers call it easy. It is easy when you first play it. Then go into the further levels and I dare you to call it easy then. These levels have been created for the maximum enjoyment of players. It's nothing new from the original, but will still keep you glued to the GBA trying to get baddies into Bowser's balloon without getting hit. SMW's music and sound is so close to the original. While it's not the same, DEFINITELY not the same, it is excellent and keeps the funny happy go 200 cups of coffee feel. The game looks good too. While it's not up to the standards as other previously released GBA titles, the games insanely beautiful and adventurous look is back.

The Bad

Nothing. Nothing Nothing Nothing!

The Bottom Line

Super Mario World is one of the few SNES ports that doesn't blow. This game is the one for all you GBA owners. If you like games, you'll like this. Only the most deprived, blood loving, gore-crazy maniac will hate this game. Buy this game. I give it a solid *5 out of 5*