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Back of Box - Game Boy Advance (US):


    Capcom's timeless Street Fighter® masterpiece conquers the Game Boy® Advance system. Choose from over 16 brawlers from the Street Fighter universe and execute special moves, and super combos to wreak havoc on your opponent and become the best Street fighter in the world. Lightning fast animation, unbelievable graphics and Capcom's signature gameplay make Super Fighter II Turbo the most respected fighting game of all time.

    • The blockbuster fighting series now on Game Boy® Advance
    • Universally recognized as the most perfectly balanced fighting game of all time
    • 8 modes of play: Arcade, Versus, Training, Time Attack, Mission, Bonus, Character Edit and Team Battle mode

    Contributed by Zaibatsu (4170) on Feb 06, 2018. - Wii U (US):

    Become the best street fighter in the world.

    Choose from over 16 brawlers from the Street Fighter universe. The original eight world warriors are back, along with four playable boss characters and four newcomers. Execute special moves and super combos to wreak havoc on your opponent. There can be only one street fighter champion!

    Contributed by Harmony♡ (20041) on Jul 30, 2016.

    For fighting fans, combo heaven is back.

    Button-mashers, beware: the legendary combo-based tournament fighter debuts on the Game Boy Advance in flashy, fist-pumping style. But behind all the stern-faced warriors, exotic settings and myriad options and modes lies spot-on play control and a complex fighting engine.

    The first Street Fighter debuted in the arcades in the '80s, but it was 1991's combo-driven sequel that really caught the fancy of the quarter-dropping public. Notable enhancements to the four wildly popular Super NES versions include a lightening-fast turbo feature, new moves and new challengers like T. Hawk and Fei Long.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Apr 13, 2005.