Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Start Screen
Main menu
Character Select Screen
Chunli jumping-kicks Ryu
Vega throws Dhalsim
Dhalsim kicks M.Bison
Ryu's closeup - Intro
Ryu facing Ken - Intro
Sagat vs honda
The Emperor of Muay-thai still kicks some ass
Nice background
Sagat wins
Ken wins
Kung Fu vs Shotokan Karate
Eat some real flames Dhalsim
Chun-Li wins.
Ken applying a flaming 3-hit combo in Cammy with his Shoryuken.
Cammy confuses Guile after attacking him using a sweep.
Ryu executes successfully one of his throws in Zangief.
Zangief makes the first attack of the battle against T. Hawk: his Banishing Flat.
Blanka assumes his guard position to decrease a lot of Chun-Li's Kikoken damage.
Ryu connecting a hit of his Rushing Punch in Dee Jay.
With a lucky chance, E. Honda removes some energy of Ken through his Sumo Headbutt.
Cammy dropping Chun-Li with the single hit of her Razor Edge Slicer.
The meeting of both moves Blanka's Sliding Punch and Cammy's Spiral Arrow.
To protect himself from Dee Jay's Max Out, Dhalsim strikes back with his Yoga Flame.
Balrog avoids Sagat's Tiger Shot using his Buffalo Headbutt as counter-attack.
M. Bison smashes Vega with some flaming power emanated of his Psycho Crusher.
With the last hit caused by Cammy's Cannon Spike, the Car Bonus is complete!
Sagat attacks Ryu at the same time with him, causing a double damage... Ryu won!
Can be possible Ken's Osoto Mawashi Geri strike back M. Bison's Psycho Crusher?
Using a high kick, Chun-Li starts the countdown to complete the Barrel Bonus.
Vega lost his dagger
Chun-Li makes a Tensho Kyaku to T. Hawk.