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Sword of Mana (Game Boy Advance)

Sword of Mana Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Welcome to Sword of Mana
Title screen (Japanese version)
Two characters to choose from... each with a bit different story
Plot introduction...
More introduction... the Mana Clan are heretics?!
You start the game as a slave who performs in gladiator tournaments...
That's a pretty big monster! All fights are real-time.
Now to make our escape...
Oops... We were caught... Should we work for the bad guy?
After a fall remeniscent of Secret of Mana (SNES), you are fished out of the river
Here is a look at the stats screen. The left are normal stats, the right are your weapon skill level and your magic spirit skill level
Killing a creature yields a bone animation
Now THAT is a cannon!
The houses really look cool now compared to older RPGs of this sort
5 classes to choose from... upgrade in one or a combination
A look at the Level up screen. Your choice of class affects your stat upgrades.
Want to see what stats creatures you kill have? Check them out here...
A look at the spirits you can control...