Tekken Advance (Game Boy Advance)

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Written by  :  ThE oNe (184)
Written on  :  Nov 22, 2002

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An amazing game....

The Good

Tekken Advance has managed to do what no other pocket fighter has done. It is the closest thing to a n64 game on a GBA. While that was not the intention of Namco, Tekken Advance feels so much like an arcade game, it's a wonder it was placed on the GBA.

Tekken Advance's graphics are excellent. Now, while the characters may look choppy and uncomplete, with clearly visible pixels sticking on them, the design is remarkable. The stages look incredible, and the characters rid themselves of a 2D jailhouse.

The sound is great. The soundtrack for the stages is well done, and adds a atmospheric touch to the already well designed game. The sound effects are a great addition. The sounds of collision are remarkable, and the character voices also boast a great style.

Playing the game is very, very, VERY fun. The game handles like a PS2 fighter, with the moving out and moving in as players draw farther and closer. The kicking, then following up with combo's, and just the sheer gameplay style of this game feels so much like a new generation game, it's something you just can't miss.

The Bad

"With every plus, there be a minus" Tekken Advance still has one small, minuscule, easy to miss part to it. The difficulty. My first time, I went straight to arcade and found I could dissect anyone using my punch, then followup combo.

The Bottom Line

Tekken Advance is one of the few GBA titles that can deliver a true gaming experience. It manages to break through the GBA's line and extend itself past the other games out for the platform. Tekken Advance will fulfill anyones needs for a good pocket fighter, so if you're looking for a great fighter that can deliver the better gameplay for the GBA that Mortal Kombat Advance and Street Fighter Revival couldn't manage to do. Tekken Advance is a must that anyone, everyone will enjoy. Tekken advance get's a complete and very well earned rating of 5 / 5.