Thunderbirds: International Rescue Credits (Game Boy Advance)

Thunderbirds: International Rescue Game Boy Advance Title screen


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Thunderbirds: International Rescue Credits


Chief ExecutiveJane Cavanagh
Development ManagerDarren Barnett
ProducerJonathan Court
QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
Lead QA EngineersBen Mason, Matt Friday
QA EngineersJoe Best, David Isherwood, Carl Perrin, Joseph Pirocco, Luigi Fusco
Product ManagerJustyna Cielecki
Design ConsultantMatthew Miles Griffiths
Packaging and DesignKeith Hodgetts
Special ThanksGerry Anderson, SCI


Production DirectorClive Townsend
Project Manager Griff Jenkins
General ManagerJonathan Rogers
ConceptClive Townsend, Bob Spink
DesignBob Spink, Clive Townsend
Lead ProgrammerClive Townsend
Technology ProgrammerAndrew Coates
Additional ProgrammingDamon Branch
Graphics Erik Casey, Alan Thomas, Clive Townsend, Anatole Branch, Bob Spink
Music and SFXAudio Arts
Sound DriversAudio Arts
UtilitiesClive Townsend
Level DesignBob Spink
Lexical InfractionsBob Spink, Clive Townsend
PlaytestersBob Spink, Clive Townsend, Damon Branch, Alan Thomas, Erik Casey, Griff Jenkins, Joff Rogers, Anatole Branch, Lee Perry-Smith, Michael Greenhough, Alan Kemp
Moral SupportRon , Kaf , Teresa Casey, Vicky Iliffe, Spink Inc., Lindsay Kernohan, Keiran McMillan, Tanya Taylor, Sarah Roche, Emma Silk, Ruth Baker, Anya , Wayne , Wendy , Jason , Meryl's Sandwiches
Respect & Thanks toGerry Anderson (The inspiration behind Thunderbirds)


Product Development ManagerJane Barrett
Head of Consumer ProductsSian Facer
Consumer Marketing ManagerLisa Powell
Licensing AssistantsNicola Webb, Rob Corney

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Credits for this game were contributed by DreinIX (10676)