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Thunderbirds (Game Boy Advance)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Thunderbirds Credits

Saffire, Inc.

DesignersAlex Rushton, Brandon Harmon, Jeremy Throckmorton
Lead ProgrammerHal Rushton
ProgrammersDeon McClung, Karren Willard, Terry Penn
Lead ArtistSteve James
ArtistsDerek Hunter, Emily Whitney, Joe Olson, Kevin Keele, Shauna Howell
AudioRick Bradshaw
Project ManagerBrian J. Christensen
Assistant Project Mgr.Cindi Adamson
Special ThanksBrett Nord, Denise Hampton, Garrett Lindsay, Mark Kendall, Mike Ricks, Mike Tidwell

Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.

Executive ProducerJonathan Eubanks
ProducerNathan Whitman
Executive Vice President of Worldwide StudiosMichael Pole
Vice PresidentJames Flaharty
Technical DirectorSam Calis
Vice President Content DevelopmentWilliam Kendall
Creative Supervisor Content DevelopmentMichael Sequeira
Group Vice President of MarketingEd Zobrist
Vice President of MarketingBeckie Holmes
Senior Brand ManagerMelanie Bullock
Associate Brand ManagerAngelina Coley
Marketing CoordinatorGlenn Gregory
Public RelationsLisa Douet
Senior Director Creative ServicesSteven Parker
Creative DirectorMichael Bannon
Creative ManagerNeal Johnson
Senior Graphic DesignerElizabeth Millar
Associate Graphic DesignersKevin Fremon, Marco Orozco
Manual DesignerLauren Azeltine
Account SupervisorMichelle Garnier-Winkler, Maggie Storm Gardner
Licensor Relations SupervisorMary Moffitt
Project LeadCris Lee
TestersBrian Carr, Reuben Chavez, Raymond Hsiao, Armond James, Jennifer Johnson, Victor Romero, Rodney Vallo, Calvin Wong, Matthew Jensen
QA ManagerIgor Krinitskiy
Senior TRG ManagerJames Galloway
QA Manager, Tester ResourcesMichael Gonzales
QA SupervisorsChristopher Richardson, Joseph Peren
Burn Lab SupervisorJaime Rios
Configuration EngineersJason Perry, Afolabi Akibola, Zachary Turner, Evan Greenberg, Danny Koo, Jorge Pacheco, Andrew Ebert
Product CertificationBrandon Valdez, Cyra Talton, Glenn Dphrepaulezz, Richard Benavides, Benjamin Chan, Alexander Zherdev
IT TechnicianKevin Truong
Director of Product CertificationRandy Linch
Senior Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
Vice President of Studio OperationsRichard Robinson
Technical Requirements Group ManagerJames Galloway
Technical Requirements Group SupervisorJoaquin A. Meza
Technical Requirements Group TestersFausto Lorenzano, William Bagnell, Ryan French
VUG Special ThanksPhilip O'Neil, Charles Yam, Suzan Rude, Philip O'Neil, Charles Yam, Suzan Rude, Tom Gastall, Dick Torchia, David Toma, Jay Calis, Maggie Calis

Vital Spark Studios

MusicSteve Kutay, Bo Bennike
Sound DesignSteve Kutay

Universal (Studios) Consumer Products Group

Vice President, InteractiveBill Kispert
Interactive CoordinatorDawn Silleman
Manager Rights and Clearance/Products GroupJulie Chebbi
Designer/Creative ManagerAfsoon Razavi
Senior Art DirectorSusan McIntyre-Young
Vice President, Business and Legal AffairsTodd Whitford
Vice President of PublicityDebbie Jackman
Special ThanksDawn Ahrens, Melissa Amador, Beth Goss, David O'Connor, Michael Slavich

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Credits for this game were contributed by SubSane (929)