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Both styles of play work perfectly, but you'd be hard pressed to find a title with more sheer, concentrated boringosity. Like the movie, expect this one to fly way below the radar.
Die Teile des Spiels, in denen ihr mit euren Schiffen durch die Gegend fliegt und ballert, würde man am liebsten totschweigen: Spielerisch belang los und technisch unheimlich schlecht. Thunderbirds kommt optisch und akustisch ein paar Jahre zu spät. Die Rätselei erinnert etwas an Lost Vikings und rettet das Spiel vorm Totalausfall. Dennoch: Wer es nicht spielt, verpasst nicht wirklich viel.
GameZone (Aug 19, 2004)
Ah, the inevitable summer movie video game tie-in. Some movies are blessed with decent counter parts (Spiderman 2), other movies, while bad, still get a decent game to go along with them (Riddick) and lastly, you get the one, two punch of bad movie, bad game (Catwoman). So where does the Thunderbirds rank? Well if you merely looked at my score, you already know that answer and I call shenanigans. So please read my review.
IGN (Aug 10, 2004)
Let's ignore for the moment that Johnathon Frakes' latest directorial project, Thunderbirds, is an absolute travesty of a summer kids flick. It's still a licensed property, and the Game Boy market thrives on licensed properties, so to play a version of the flick on the handheld isn't surprising. What is surprising is that the GBA title actually isn't god awful; it's far from a "good" GBA game, barely pegging "average" on the scale - it still lacks a creative flair and it's over before you can say "what, no puppets?" But considering what the development studio's produced on the system not too far before this one, it's downright amazing to experience something that's not as hacked together as the team's previous efforts in the form of Van Helsing and Around the World in 80 Days.
GamerDad (Sep 06, 2004)
Thunderbirds Are (on the) Go! Thunderbirds, the British 1960's sci-fi TV show featuring puppets is now a summer kids' movie. But instead of creepy puppets, the new Thunderbirds flick is live action, cashing in on the Spy Kids popularity with kids saving the world the only way they can. And speaking of cashing in, a Game Boy Advance game based on the film is inevitable. While the game is passable, it's certainly not "Go" worthy.
Next Level Gaming (Sep 15, 2004)
Ok boys and girls, you might want to leave the room while I wreck havoc on the review of this game. It is not going to be a pretty sight and believe me, this could be the worst Game Boy Game that ever had been in my beloved Game Boy Advance SP system. So what game am I talking about? Just look at the bold letters at the top of this review. It says “Thunderbirds”. Now I am going to be 30 years old in a few months. Yes, I am becoming an old man. But I remember some great cartoons and television shows when I was growing up in the 80’s. We had Transformers, Voltron, GI Joe and other cool shows. Now the original Thunderbirds show was from the 1960’s and it featured marionette puppets.