TOCA: World Touring Cars Credits


Developed bySpellbound UK
From an Original Concept byCodemasters
Published byUbisoft
Programmed byStephen Hey, Alastair Dukes
Art byPaul J. McKee, Gavin Moles
Design byPaul J. McKee, Gavin Moles
EMEA Director of DevelopmentAnne Blondel-Jouin
ProducerAnne Villeneuve
Game Content ManagerYann Leclerc
Tests Studio ManagerCristian Giuglea
Lead TesterCostel Apopii
Game TestersAdrian Constantin Solca, Mihai Banica, Radu Bogdan
Europe 1st Party Approval ManagerRoman Vazeille
US 1st Party Approval ManagerDavid Costello
PublisherUbi Soft Entertainment
CEOYves Guillemot
International Production DirectorChristine Burgess-Quémard
International Content DirectorSerge Hascoët
International Director of DevelopmentAlexis Godard
International Content ManagerFabrice Pierre-Élien
European Marketing DirectorLaurence Buisson-Nollent
Europe Product ManagerRémi Perreault
US Product ManagerCorey Fong
For CodemastersAdam Parsons, Andrew Wood, Anthony Price, Charnjit Bansi, Christopher Hines, Emma Nicholls, Gary Rowe, Gavin Raeburn, James Brown, Laura Peterson, Liz Darling, Nav Sunner, Nick Pili, Paul Leonard, Pete O'Donnell, Richard Darling, Tim Bartlett

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65856)