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    Grind it out

    Travel around the word and show you're the best skater.

    Get out of the skate park and travel the globe in Tony Hawk's Underground 2.

    • Story, Arcade and Free Skate modes
    • Unlock pro skaters such as Tony Hawk and Bam Margera
    • Two-player linked play
    • Minigames and skater creator

    Is Tony Hawk inviting you to join his team a sign you've made it or that you need to wake up from your dream? He does have a funny way of asking you to join.

    As part of the secrecy behind his world tour, Tony and his crew kidnap you. He needs an expert skater to help defeat Bam Margera's team. Loser pays for the trip around the world. Winner gets all the glory.

    As part of Tony's team, your skater travels to glam spots like Australia, Berlin and Skatopia. At these stops, fellow skaters challenge you to perform stunts. If you complete enough stunts, your tour of duty moves on to the next city.

    The same types of challenges await you in Arcade mode. Skate around Boston and try to accomplish 10 goals. When you meet enough goals, another city unlocks for you to thrash around in. Each time you play, you get two minutes to try to accomplish some of these goals. Although you're mostly trying to complete the same goals in each city, the challenges become progressively harder to complete in the two minute time limit.

    If you're not into the whole competition thing, go into Free Skate mode and perfect your skills as you skate around one of the cities. Once you have your wheels under you, grab a friend and battle in Head-2-Head mode with your Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable and skate in a variety of games. For those with one Game Boy Advance, two can still play. The Hotseat Games option features a skating version of Horse in which you try to top each other's trick score. Trick Attack gives each skater two minutes to get the highest score. In a non-skating minigame, you shoot tennis balls at pedestrians.

    In the Skate Van, get yourself all tricked out. Chose the style of deck you want and personalize it with the board editor. Change your outfit. You can also edit which buttons execute special combos.

    Bottom Line

    THUG 2 contains plenty of skating action, without the police harassment. The Game Boy Advance version does a good job of bringing the tricks of the board to small screen. Just don't play it while you're actually skateboarding. It's not that portable.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on Dec 28, 2006.