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Advertising Blurbs

www.nintendo.com - Game Boy Advance:
    Two of the most terrifying words in the English language: Go Fish.

    Thanks to Ultimate Card Games, you no longer need that fourth person for bridge. You can have laryngitis and still play go fish, and you don't have to be certifiably bonkers to play crazy eights.


    • More than 25 games to choose from
    • Sharp opponent AI
    • Up to four players can play with one Game Pak
    • Customize characters, decks, music selection and backgrounds

    Ultimate Card Games breaks its cardboard candy into three game groups: Casino, Classic and Solitaire. The Classic group deals out the staples: go fish, hearts, spades, cribbage and more. The computer opponents are tough and sometimes unforgiving (especially in go fish -- they're sharks).

    The Casino group has the fewest choices of the three, offering draw poker, black jack and five kinds of video poker. But there are an impressive 15 variations of Solitaire, including pyramid, free cell and castle.

    Within each game, you can press Start to bring up a PC-like menu screen. The Game menu lets you save games, load games or even copy a current game to another Ultimate Card Games Pak.

    Within each game, you can save your play data. When select a game, you can also see your stats, from number of games won to total time played.

    In the Preferences menu, you control the music volume and playlist (all new age tunes, alas) and card backgrounds. Visit the Options men to bone up on game rules and control the game animation and how cards are sorted.

    With just one Game Pak, up to four players can connect using Game Boy Advance Game Link Cables and play all nine Classic games, black jack or poker. If you want to feel more like you're a part of the game, Ultimate Card Games even includes a Face Creator so you can give your character more personality.

    Bottom Line

    There are more full-bodied casino sims for the GBA, but for all-around variety, Ultimate Card Games is the real deal.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Jan 12, 2005.