Written by  :  Spartan_234 (464)
Written on  :  Mar 18, 2006
Platform  :  Game Boy Advance
Rating  :  0.4 Stars0.4 Stars0.4 Stars0.4 Stars0.4 Stars

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The worst fighting game ever, on any platform. Avoid at all costs.

The Good

Absolutely nothing. This game sucks.

The Bad

Where to start? Mortal Kombat on the GBA has some of the worst AI that I have ever seen in a video game. Not that they're brain-dead, no. Not that they're simplistic, no. Not that they're too smart, no. So, what is it that makes the AI so horrible? It's that it constantly cheats in order to win. So, it's more like a horrible excuse for AI rather than actual AI that can actually play by the rules.

Due to the translation to the GBA, the controls have been watered down in order to work with the GBA's built-in controller. Get this: Aside from your movement controls (left, right, jump, crouch), you can only punch or kick. No fatalities, no special moves, no blocking, no nothing aside from those basic controls. Since the punches and kicks are actually the strong attacks in the original Mortal Kombat games, which take a while to wind up, that means that there is an absolutely ridiculous delay between the press of the button and the attack actually registering.

Not that the attack is going to register anyways. Back to the AI, your opponent will block all of your attacks (contrary to the limited controls mentioned above), making him absolutely impossible to destroy, and making the game's existence completely pointless. To top it all off, he will get very close to you and punch and kick the crap out of you before you even have a chance to defeat him. And, despite the fact that the game does look and sound like Mortal Kombat (Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 to be exact), visuals and sound are of low quality, further hampering an already horrible game.

The Bottom Line

Pure, rotten crap in a GBA box that smells so bad, the stink will kill you if you smell it. Actually, that's only the beginning of the sheer awfulness of Mortal Kombat on the GBA. It's just that horrible. You'll be much better off playing all of the other Mortal Kombat games (except for Mortal Kombat: Special Forces). But whatever you do, avoid this game by any means necessary, and don't say that I didn't warn you!!!

Additionally, how could this garbage possibly have been approved for release by Nintendo? This game does not deserve any kind of "Seal of Quality" because, for the record, it is absolutely ROTTEN! I could go on and on about this piece of garbage, but if it isn't clear up to this point: Don't play this game.