Advertising Blurbs - Wii U (US):

    Get ready for video games, done Wario-style!

    Wario is venturing out of the game, and into the video-game making business! And he'd like to put your quick reflexes to the test.

    Prepare for lightning-quick game play as you blaze through over 200 bizarre microgames designed by a crazy crew of Wario's cronies! Ultrasimple controls make each game in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ easy to get into...until the games start coming faster...and faster...and FASTER! Think you can outwit the master?

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    Wario's latest get-rich-quick scheme

    Pushing the art of video game design to new heights of absurdity, Nintendo's WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ gives gamers a bizarrely hilarious look at what really goes on behind the scenes of a maniacal game developer.

    You can't really say that Wario is greedy. He's just, uh, financially motivated! Always on the lookout for his next get-rich-quick scheme, Wario stumbles upon the lucrative video game publishing market. Like any aspiring entrepreneur, Wario starts his own company, called WarioWare, Inc. With the help of his friends, he has released over 200 of the wildest and weirdest games the world has never known. The result? Pure instant-action insanity.


    • Play over 200 of the craziest, most bizarre games ever devised.
    • Minigames vary wildly, including brushing teeth, picking someone's nose, cracking an egg over a moving frying pan and shaking a dog's paw. Plus a couple hundred more!
    • Each microgame lasts just five seconds--an on-screen time bomb tracks your remaining seconds.
    • Only a single Game Pak and Game Boy Advance system are required for multiplayer.
    • Super simple controls and lighting-fast gameplay make for pick-up-and-play perfection.
    • You'll be amazed at how much fun you can have in just five seconds!

    You are challenged by Wario and each of his developer buddies to beat all of their games. Each developer specializes in a particular genre of game, so the sets of microgames follow a theme. One developer even has developed games based on Nintendo classics, including five-second snippets of Super Mario Bros., F-Zero, Balloon Fight and The Legend of Zelda. The more microgames you defeat, the faster and more difficult they become. Directions on how to play aren't provided, so much of the challenge comes from figuring out how, precisely, to win. In addition, the games also appear in random order, so you can't simply memorize what you're supposed to do each time--your only hope is to think fast!

    After defeating the required number of games, you'll enter a boss encounter. These games have no specific time limit and are often much more challenging than the preceding mini-games. Successfully defeating the "boss" unlocks the next level of developers. If you defeat all of the challenges you encounter, you'll finally square off against Wario himself.

    In addition to the wacky games cooked up by Waro's dedicated team of game developers, you can unlock excellent single player bonus games that'll have you shreddin' on a skateboard and piloting a paper airplane. On top of that, you can unlock several multiplayer games that don't require another GBA to play--you can both jam against each other on the same GBA!

    Bottom Line

    With the release of WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$, we now know what weirdness brews in Wario's twisted mind--brilliantly strange game design genius! WarioWare offers up hours of curiously addictive, wildly creative gameplay. Even if you've been a hardcore gamer since you were big enough to hold a controller, it's safe to say that you've never played anything like this--it's definitely one game (or 200, depending on how you look at it) you have to play to believe!

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Back of Box (Europe):

    Get ready for video games, Wario-style! You’d better have fast reflexes for the best games ever, baby! They are all simple enough that even somebody like you can play ‘em! I’m gonna make a FORTUNE!!! Prepare for lightning-quick game play and over 200 bizarre minigames designed by Wario’s crazy friends! There are even two-player contests for a single Game Boy Advance! With Ultra-simple controls these games are really easy to get into…


    Mach dich bereit für Videospiele im Wariostyle! Diese Weltklassespiele erfordern bestes Reaktions-vermögen! Und selbst du wirst sie spielen können! Damit werde ich REICH! Turboschnelles Spielgeschehen und über 200 durchgeknalte Minigames, gestaltet von Wario und seinen verrückten Freunden! Es gibt sogar Zwei-Spieler-Duelle, spielbar auf nur einem Game Boy Advance! Die ultra-simple Steuerung macht die rasanten Spiele leicht lernbar.


    Jeux vidéo à la mode Wario! Les meilleurs jeux demandent les meilleurs réflexes! Ils sont si simples que même quelqu’un comme toi peut y jouer! Je vais ramasser une FORTUNE!!! Tu devras être ultrarapide sur plus de 200 mini-jeux créés par les amis givrés de Wario! Joue avec une seule Game Boy Advance aux défis deux joueurs! Avec des commandes aussi simples, je te laisse cinq secondes pour t’y mettre…


    Videogames op de Wario-wijze! “Je hebt katachtige reflexen nodig om mijn games te spelen. Maar maak je geen zorgen, ze zijn zo simpel dat zelfs jij ze kunt begrijpen!” Speel meer dan 200 bizarre minigames met razendsnelle gameplay, ontwikkeld door Wario’s vreemde vrienden! Er zijn zelfs wedstrijden voor twee spelers met maar één Game Boy Advance! En de besturing is zo eenvoudig dat je de games binnen de kortste keren leert spelen.


    ¡Han llegado los videojuegos de Wario! ¡Necesitarás excelentes reflejos para enfrentarte a los mejores juegos que hayas visto nunca! San tan sencillos que todos querrán jugar… ¡Y ya me vay a farrar! ¿Listo para jugar a velocidades de vértigo? ¡Te esperan más de 200 minijuegos de mis locos amigos! ¡Prueba los juegos de dos jugadores con una sola Game Boy Advance! Gracias a sus sencillos controles, estas juegos te conquistarán enseguida.


    Preparati ai giochi in puro stile Wario! Ci vogliono riflessi pronti per giocare con me! Sano talmente semplici che persino tu riuscirai a giocarci! Diventerà STRARICCO!!! Preparati a giocare alla velocità della luce! Più di 200 Minigiochi creati dai folli amici di Wario! Ci sano anche sfide a due giocatori con la stesso Game Boy Advance! L’uso di comandi ultrasemplici ti farà impazzire per questi giochi…

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Back of Box:
    Get ready for video games, done Wario-Style!

    Hey! Pay attention when Wario's talking to you! Listen, you'd better have fast reflexes if you think you can master all the games I've crammed in here. There're more of 'em than I can count, and they're the best games ever, baby! And the best thing is, they're all simple enough that even somebody like you can figure 'em out! Why didn't I get into the video-game business before now? I'm gonna make a fortune! A FORTUNE!!!

    • Frantic action! Prepare for lightning-quick game play as you blaze through over 200 bizaree microgames designed by a crazy crew of Wario's cronies! There are even two-player contests that can be played on a single Game Boy Advance!
    • Pick up and play! Ultra-simple controls make each game easy to get into ... until the games start coming faster ... and faster ... and FASTER!

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