Wolfenstein 3D Credits

id Software 1992

ProgrammingJohn Carmack, John Romero
Creative DirectorTom A. Hall
ArtistAdrian Carmack
BizJay Wilbur
Computer ArtistKevin Cloud
ComposerRobert Prince
Additional ProgrammingJason Blochowiak

id Software

ProgrammingJohn Carmack, Robert A. Duffy, Graeme J. Devine, Jim Dosé
Level DesignTim Willits, Christian Antkow, Jennell Jaquays, Mal Blackwell
ArtAdrian Carmack, Kenneth Scott, Fred Nilsson, Kevin Cloud, Seneca Menard, Andy Chang
CEOTodd Hollenshead
Director of Business DevelopmentMarty Stratton
id MomDonna Jackson
Development AssistanceEric Webb

Stalker Entertainment

ProgrammingMike Danylchuk
BizMarcus Hopkins


ThanksBill Anker, Perry Copus, Carter Lipscomb, Mike Markey, Johnny bSainz, Melissa Takahashi, Karthik Bala, Graeme J. Devine, Robert Prince, Jacob Robinson, Jack Symon, Johnnie Blue

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69566)