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X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse (Game Boy Advance)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse Credits


Lead Programer (Digital Eclipse)Darryl Starr
Assistant Programer (Digital Eclipse)Bryan Sawler
Tools Programer (Digital Eclipse)Tim Glasser
Additional Programming (Digital Eclipse)Cathryn Mataga
Art Lead (Digital Eclipse)Dean Lee
Artists (Digital Eclipse)Arvin Bautista, Ronnie Fike, Kevin James, Antony Mazzotta, Tynan Wales
Additional Art (Digital Eclipse)Simon Butler, Seth Forester, Amy Nuara
Producer (Digital Eclipse)Michael Bilodeau
Production (Digital Eclipse)Lars Bakken, William Schmitt
Sound (Digital Eclipse)Robert Baffy
Music (Digital Eclipse)Robert Baffy
Various Guitar Loops & Licks (Digital Eclipse) Buckethead
Creative Director (Digital Eclipse)Michael Mika Sr.
Art Director (Digital Eclipse)Boyd Burggrabe
Senior Producer (Digital Eclipse)RenĂ©e Johnson
Executive Producers (Digital Eclipse)Andrew Ayre, Jeff Vavasour
Special Thanks to (Digital Eclipse)Jason Cirillo
ProducerBrian Clarke
Production CoordinatorsBlaine Christine, Peter Muravez
Contributing WriterTodd Quincey Jefferson
Executive ProducerChris Archer
VP, North American StudiosMurali Tegulapalle
Exec. VP Worldwide StudiosLawrence Goldberg
Global Brand ManagerJohn Heinecke
Marketing AssociateMatthew Geyer
VP, Global Brand ManagementTricia Bertero
Public RelationsLisa Fields
QA Project LeadAlex Coleman
QA Senior LeadBenjamin DeGuzman
QA Console ManagerJoseph Favazza
QA Database ManagerEric Rodriguez
TestersKyle Carey, Adam Conode, Kurt Gutierrez, Michael Lashever, Ian M. Moreno, Garrett Akira Oshiro, Jason Potter, Jairo Silva
QA Special ThanksWillie Bolton, Nicholas Favazza, Jeremy Gage, Indra Yee, Tanya Langston, Gail Mante, Sam Nouriani, Chad Siedhoff, Jim Summers, Nadine Theuzillot, Tim Vanlaw, Jason Wong
Customer Support ManagerBob McPherson
Customer Support LeadsGary Bolduc, Michael Hill, Rob Lim
LegaMichael Hand, Robert Pfau
V.P., Creative ServicesDenise Walsh
Mgr., Creative ServicesJill Barry
Special ThanksGene Bahng, Bryant Bustamante, Eric Caraszi, Melissa Chapman, Jessica H. Christine, Matthew Conte, Jennifer Daniels, Christopher Hepburn, Brian Pass, Nita Patel, Steve Rosenthal, Brian Simkin, Stacy Sooter, Kathy Vrabeck
Special Projects (Marvel)Micaeh Farah
Legal Affairs (Marvel)Seth Michael Lehman
Sr. V.P.-Consumer Products, Promotions and Media Sales (Marvel)Russell Brown
Special Thanks (Marvel)Bill Jemas

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