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GameSpot (May 31, 2006)
X-Men: The Official Game for the Game Boy Advance delivers about what you'd expect a movie tie-in to deliver. It won't rock your world, but it doesn't make a mockery of the franchise either.
58 (Jun 21, 2006)
Meine Damen und Herren, bitte begrüßen Sie mit mir X-Men: The official Game, den 973ten Vertreter der »Typisches Lizenzprodukt von der Stange«-Familie - wobei es mich glatt wundert, dass es zur Abwechslung mal nicht aus der Vicarious Visions-Standardfabrik für generische Filmversoftungen gekurbelt wurde. Wie auch Batman Begins , Shrek 2 oder Madagascar ist der neue Auftritt von Wolverine und Co. nicht schlecht, und macht eine Zeit lang durchaus Spaß, aber letzten Endes fühlt sich das Gespielte sehr normal, sehr durchschnittlich, sehr tausend mal gespielt an. Typische 08/15-Fließbandware, die dem X-Man-Fan kurzzeitig gefallen dürfte, aber einen längeren zweiten Blick kaum wert ist.
Game Chronicles (Jun 03, 2006)
If the GBA is the only gaming device you own, and you are craving for an X-Men game, then by all means give X-Men: The Official Game a shot. But for the rest of us, I would suggest passing on the GBA version and instead pick up one of the more impressive console versions.
Quite frankly, with the game's repetitive gameplay, it just isn't worth the purchase. I've heard some people say that they want to play the game just so they can see why Nightcrawler isn't in the movie -- but it really isn't worth it. If you are desperate to find out, then look it up in some forums or, if you really want to pay the money, rent one of the games. But X-Men: The Official Game on GBA just isn't worth the effort.
DS-x2 (2006)
Given that everything you read at present tells you how great 'retro' gaming is you'd think that releasing a standard, no-frills platformer would be a good thing. It's not and this GBA version of the X-Men game demonstrates just about everything that's wrong with your average movie tie-in. For starters it's a generic platformer and you do get the impression that the developers simply had the gaming engine 'lying around' waiting to alter the visuals to reflect the title. To make matters worse, it's just not that entertaining and you'll no doubt lose interest after only a few levels. It you do want to immerse yourself in the X-Men's world why not try the superior DS version. On the other hand if you only have a GBA this is a definite 'try before you buy'.
NintendoWorldReport (Jun 20, 2006)
There are some good things about the game, but unfortunately the bad outweigh the good. The characters are fun to play when you first start using them, but you’ll soon find yourself annoyed when Colossus has to break his twentieth wall in a row just to proceed through a level. The animations of the characters and enemies are spot on, but they only impress for so long. The hand-drawn sketches of faces used for dialogue add a nice touch to the overall presentation. Sadly, none of these details overshadow the fact that the game becomes increasingly tedious and, in the end, boring.
Worth Playing (Jul 18, 2006)
Honestly, X-Men: The Official Game for the GBA does one thing and does it poorly. It's the same platformer/brawler that seems to be the generic genre for licensed games and resembles most every X-Men game from the 16-bit era. Switching characters as a mostly cosmetic choice? Check. Make sure you need Wolverine because he's the "coolest" character? Check. Somewhat shoehorned plot told in between the levels? Check. Annoying "puzzle" level? Check. The game's a checklist of a complete generic license platformer, but unfortunately, it missed most of the checkmarks related to making a good game.
35 (Jun 05, 2006)
Comme on dit dans notre jargon vidéoludique quand on est très désappointé : "Oula, c'est nul". La difficulté est calculée de manière exécrable, la charte graphique n'a rien d'attrayant, et la jouabilité est loin d'être acceptable. Le portage GBA est sans conteste celui qui a été le plus délaissé de tous et si on enlève le plaisir de voir bouger ses mutants préférés, le jeu n'a vraiment plus rien pour lui.