X-Men: The Official Game Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Language selection
Title screen
I hate cartridge-based games with loading periods.
Main menu
The tutorial is non-interactive and consists of two screens with text explanations.
The starts at once without an intro.
At melee with red pseudo-ninjas.
Cut scene - the close-up character portraits are the graphical highlights of the game.
Boss fight against Sabertooth
Meeting Iceman
Holding L lets you choose between all available characters.
Only Colossus can break these walls of ice.
A maze-like stage
Fortunately, can you make the characters fall through platforms deliberately.
These green aren't any more bright than the rest of the enemies, but they can also throw themselves down and fire, so their shots can't be avoided simply be kneeling down.
This device drops down explosives.
Most enemies will always stay on "their" platform, so you can just punch them from below or when jumping up, and they can't hit you back.
Boss fight against Juggernaut
Colossus vs dog.
Typical platform segments
Next instructions
Several small balls
Ice attack
Black guys
Cut scene
Next hard fight